Harlem Avenue mechanic deserves support

As a longtime customer and friend of Rod Nunley, I believe the village of Forest Park should do all it can to have Rod build his new facility.

Ms. Krisco, from the article information, appears to be another fly-by-night developer with ambiguous, vague plans and nothing solid at the moment or commentary beyond “maybe.” Not to mention all of the current businesses that Ms. Krisco’s vague plans would need to displace. Why wait two years for her vague plan of a pig in a poke?

Mr. Nunley, on the other hand, has a solid set of drawings, a builder, and sound finances already in place to build the new facility and continue to contribute a significant amount of sales tax and real estate tax revenues to the village.

Ms. Krisco doesn’t have a firm vision or plan in hand, nor has she contributed anything to the village as an on-going business person except annual real estate taxes collected from her tenants.

Does Forest Park need another developer fiasco like Oak Park’s “Russian Alex” making vague plans and leaving unfinished projects in haste to get out of town? I think not.

Mr. Nunley has been in business on Harlem for over 20 years and has a large dedicated customer base. He is a known quantity in the village and continues to be an asset that is an example of what a stable village needs.

I think the village needs to move forward with Mr. Nunley’s plans post haste and continue its history of supporting solid businesses with firm commitments for the future.

David Ristau
Oak Park