Dear Kathleen,

Welcome to Forest Park. I am so glad you have moved here and I’m especially happy you have discovered this column and decided to send in a sample of your writing.

Your handwriting is unusual in that it is backhanded, small, quick, light, and disconnected.

It is difficult for someone (even lefties) to write backhand. It is more common with women than men. Your left-leaning script means that you are more reserved and withdrawn than most. You feel that there is some barrier between yourself and the outside world. This reserve acts like a break on spontaneous reactions. You are sensitive, self-conscious and even timid.

You are introverted and introspective, which means you are methodical, good at detail work, orderly, careful, reflective and patient. Because you are so guarded you are self-analytical, lacking in confidence, inhibited, and worry inwardly. You are independent, determined, ambitious and cautious. You have a strong sense of self-preservation that might result in selfishness. You have been strongly influenced by the values of your mother.

Kathleen, not only is your handwriting backhanded, but it also is quite small. A high degree of concentration is required to write small, yet legibly. This combination shows realism, intentional understatement, a distaste for boasting, modesty and a strong academic mentality. In general, people who write small are more likely to channel their energies into thinking rather than action.

So your small writing tells me that you are accurate, conscientious, frugal, studious and thoughtful. Sometimes you can have difficulty seeing things in their larger aspect. You can be overly scrupulous, lacking in enthusiasm, and have a tendency to get despondent. You always revert to past experiences in finding answers to new problems as they arise.

Kathleen, you are bright and artistic. You have many cultural interests as well as musical, creative, and literary talents. You have a sharp mind and learn new things quickly. You are an intellectual in that you place more emphasis on the conceptual aspects of an experience than on the emotional. Your tendency is to avoid instinctive, emotional responses by intellectualizing the feelings. You are an intuitive thinker with a lot of imagination and vision, so your ideas germinate.

Your writing is fine (light), Kathleen so I know you are adaptable, flexible, tolerant, and susceptible to atmosphere.

I hope you find this analysis to be both helpful and accurate.

Good luck.

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