Hero of the month: Brian Sullivan.

A few weeks ago, while Brian was schmoozing with a neighbor in front of Doc Ryan’s, a man waiting for a bus at the corner of Madison and Thomas streets fell to the ground. Brian rushed over, examined the fellow and saw that he was perhaps having a seizure. A nearby vial of pills had apparently fallen from the man’s pocket. Brian called the police and waited until paramedics arrived. No further word on the fate of the unknown man.

Amanda Ashley McAdam, daughter of Scott and Veronika, has graduated from Illinois State University where she received a bachelor’s in marketing. Amanda is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Chi Omega sorority. Family and friends celebrated Amanda’s achievement on June 14. She is considering several positions with hotels both in the area and far away. Congratulations and keep Forest Park posted, Amanda!

Drew Carter, longtime Forest Park resident formerly of Princeton, left the Wednesday Journal newspaper not too long ago for a job with Crain’s in Chicago. He’s already been promoted and his new post will take him to London, England. He and his wife, Nicole, will be living in London for about three years. Drew’s new duties will take him to exotic places, possibly in the Middle East, Far East and who knows where. In the photo below, he is shown in former days when he worked at the Journal, a sister paper to the Forest Park Review. Don’t ask him about this new job, though. To hear him tell it, he’s doing little more than sharpening pencils, but we know better.

An ongoing Kids Expo will be held at the park on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 till 11. The Forest Park Youth Commission is sponsoring this fun adventure with the cooperation of the Park District of Forest Park. All school-age kids are invited to participate in golf lessons, ultimate Frisbee, wiffle ball, bean bag tournaments, tennis, volleyball and flag football. All activities will take place at the park between Thursday, Aug. 7 and Tuesday, Aug. 12.

The Old School Records has been in business here for five years. Time flies! Jodi and Peter Gianakopoulos celebrated with a colorful party at Pineapple Studio on Saturday, July 27. Dogs were welcome, especially Titus and his sister, Bebe.

Sympathy to Rich Schauer on the death of his beloved Great Dane, Tasha. Something tragically unusual happened following Tasha’s recent surgery.

Barbara Sullivan has a birthday on Aug. 6, along with Dan Giers and David Stahlke; on Aug. 7, James Childs and Betty Schulz have birthdays; on Aug. 8; Tim and Peggy Grams celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary, and Roger Grant has a birthday; on the 9th, T.J. Janopoulos has a birthday; on the 10th, Connie Robey and 1- year-old Storey Hannah Novak; on Aug. 11, Rebecca Greskoviak, Allison Pacyga, Jake Brown; on Aug. 12, Phil Jilek, Mary Liebner and Al Verri.