Back-to-school physicals required

Freshman students entering the Proviso Township High School District will be required to have their immunizations and a physical completed by the first day of school. In years past, incoming freshman were not required to complete these steps by the start of the school year, but a new policy adopted by the district in November has changed this requirement.

According to a statement released by the district, students previously were given until Oct. 15 to receive their immunizations and back-to-school physicals. The policy was in place to allow more students to attend the first day of school. Educators have decided it was too disruptive to remove students who did not meet the mid-semester deadline. Back-to-school physicals are also regulated by state law.

Students at the Proviso Math and Science Academy in Forest Park returned to classes on Thursday, Aug. 7. At the district’s East and West campuses, freshmen begin the school year on Aug. 14 with all students returning on Aug. 18.

Circle Theatre hires new manager

Circle Theatre has announced the hiring of a new managing director. According to a statement released by the theater group earlier this month, Jon Arndt will take over the day-to-day operations for the acclaimed group. Rula Gardenier left the position some three months ago. Arndt previously served as the managing director of the Chicago Public Art Group.

Arndt will also be responsible for community development and marketing efforts, long-range planning and spearheading a fundraising effort to make improvements to the theater’s Madison Street performance space. Circle Theatre is set to remain in Forest Park until at least 2011. Earlier this year, the theater came close to signing a lease agreement that would have relocated the group to Oak Park.