Pantry of thanks

On behalf of the Forest Park Food Pantry, I want to thank Todd and Holland Tea Merchants for hosting an ice cream social (ice cream provided by Brown Cow) with proceeds donated to our facility. Your support enables our pantry to provide food boxes during the holiday season and throughout the year to needy residents. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Beverly Thompson
Community Center Director

Hot air, bad sound

Recently, my grandson Kyle found a trombone standing in our home office. As he brought it to me he asked, “What’s this?” I explained that it is a musical instrument my Dad and I played when we were young and in school. Fascinated, he begged me to play and then screamed “show me grandpa.”

After playing a few notes, I explained the key to playing the trombone was to push good air through the horn by blowing properly into the mouthpiece. I told Kyle the better the air the clearer the sound will be. Amazingly, he produced notes even Tommy Dorsey would envy. I will proudly pass our family trombone on to Kyle because like my father, he is a natural.

Later, as I was reminiscing and looking at our trombone, the mouthpiece stood out from the instrument’s brilliant brass. I thought that significant because here in Forest Park we hear from five mouthpieces. One mouthpiece blows hot air from Melrose Park. The “Maestro” conducts three other mouthpieces fueled by the stale air of Jackson and Thomas, while the third chair mouthpiece that can’t quite hit the right notes.

Well, at least I know my grandson will make our mouthpiece play beautiful music. Maybe our village councilmen will become mouthpieces for the residents.

Tony Sarley
Forest Park