Dear Amy,

Thanks so much for your note. Most people are curious as to what their writing shows about them, but many are not brave enough, like you, to find out.

I’m not surprised that you have always been known for your handwriting. It certainly is unusual! It is artistic, creative, and ostentatious while being difficult to read.

The illegible part is interesting. The purpose of handwriting is to communicate. If it can’t be read, it fails to achieve its objective, and becomes something of an insult to the person receiving the message. Your hard-to-read script tells me that you are individualistic, secretive, reserved, living in a world of your own ideas, and also intuitive. You don’t conform to set patterns, are suspicious, mistrustful, and not always sincere.

In addition to being difficult to read, your writing is also showy or overly embellished. This amplification suggests that you have a taste for decorative forms of presentation as well as artistic arrangements. You are original and have a strong desire to live in a colorful atmosphere. You have a sense of the dramatic and love attention. You really need to guard against becoming vain and pompous.

Your writing is fast, angular, and creative, Amy, so I know you are both smart and artistic. Intellectually, you are disciplined and strict. You are a serious and conscientious worker. You have a great deal of intellectual energy and aggression. You think quickly and intuitively and have the ability to express your ideas verbally or orally, without much effort. You are able to switch your thoughts instantly and this is an indication of literary talent. You should definitely be involved in an occupation that allows you to use your artistic, creative, and literary talents.

Amy, your writing is large and vertical so I know you are self-reliant, serious, independent, proud, and have good organizational talents. You are not afraid of challenges.

You generally try to keep yourself at a safe emotional distance from others. You deal with people logically rather than emotionally, and you remain calm even under stress. Your willpower is strong and your determination is significant. You are cautious, traditional, and have a sense of stable values as well as a sense of form, style, and proportion.

Because you dislike confusion in your life you prefer to isolate yourself from people. You keep your emotions under control, and you are a mature and independent person. You opt for directness, albeit with a certain attitude of calculation. You love being noticed and appreciated by others but you remain practical, realistic, and have a well balanced outlook on life.