Forest Park’s own Francesca “Chess” Ramirez is shown here with her famous boss, Rick Bayless. Yes, that’s Rick Bayless right here in the Review.

Chess is the hostess at the Frontera Grill on Clark Street. And to say she loves her job is really an understatement. Everyone seems to love their job there; they like each other, like their boss, like everything about it, and no wonder. Frontera offers more than a feast for the palate, the Mexican artwork on display all over the place is a feast for the eyes and the hypnotic classical guitar music in the background is romantic and well, just too beautiful to bear. The employees sometimes gather in the Bayless home for a well-deserved Mexican feast, prepared by the master. Once a year they can go to Mexico to experience first-hand where the vegetables, fruits, herbs and meats come from. So you can see why Francesca Ramirez loves her job. Why not go to the Frontera Grill at 445 North Clark St. and experience this sensuous little bit of Mexico for yourself?

Hear ye! Hear ye! Class of 1978, Field Stevenson Middle School! Are you out there? Your classmates are looking for you. Cathy McDermott, (708) 309-1665, and/or Dennis Crotty, (708) 878-2076, would like to hear from you as soon as possible because the date of your reunion is Oct. 18. The location is R Place on Harlem Avenue, across from the Berwyn Legion Hall. Cost of the dinner is $25 and there will be a cash bar. If you know of anyone who graduated with this class, please tell them soon. October is just two flips of the calendar away.

Here’s a heads up for Centuries & Sleuths on Nov. 1 and 2. Lynda Fitzgerald will be the moderator of a discussion on the fate of Joan of Arc with Joan’s friends and enemies. Among her enemies are Bishop Pierre Cauchon played by Terry Doner. John of Lancaster, also known as the Duke of Bedford, played by John Machonga; King Charles VII, played by Bill Sanderson; Joan’s friend, Bishop Jean de Charlier de Gerson, is John Helmke. Augie has compiled a reading list to make this evening more interesting for you. His personal favorite is Mark Twain’s, “Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc.” Reservations go fast, so get your $12 in soon and save a seat.

Apologies to Marie Gianelli for misspelling her name on her birthday.

Happy birthday to Bill Lichtenberg, Lucinda Mister and Sydney Tellez Brennan on Aug. 21; on the 22nd, happy anniversary to Jon and Letitia Olmsted; on the 23rd, Jacob Marchetti will be 7 years old; Aug. 24 birthdays include, Kamryn Edwards and Bonnie Cimiglia; on the 25th, Candi Maraois; Aug. 26, Leslie Kelley, Wilma Haley and happy anniversary to Hafid and Siham Hamadene; Aug. 27, Hazel Anna Ross will be 6 years old.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life’s other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side of Chicago in a great neighborhood when it was a great time to be young.