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How are Forest Parkers surviving the dog days of summer?

  • Watching grass grow along with the progress of the Roos Project.
  • Letting 9-year-old nephew carry you to second-place finish in family bags tournament.
  • Dreading approach of school year, while watching parents eagerly cross days off calendar.
  • Just remembering that fixing broken bike was number one priority for summer fitness program.
  • Trying to maintain fragile hold on reality while watching two Chicago baseball teams fight for first place in late August.
  • Wondering why male Olympic beach volleyball players wear more clothes than the female competitors and why male swimmers switched to one-pieces.
  • Removing floorboards from car, hoping that running starts will improve gas mileage.
  • Scrambling to find proof of Forest Park residency before District 91 kicks off classes.
  • Hoping that Bears regular season will be cancelled.
  • Sitting and panting in the shade with the dog.
  • Watching new sod laid down in the spring return to dust.
  • Reeling in shock from the new Cook County sales tax.
  • Wishing we didn’t have to endure the trifecta of leadership we have in the White House, on the county board and I would say governor’s mansion, but he chooses not to live there.
  • Fondly recalling Great Depression and getting ready to whip up those meatless casseroles again.
  • Actually reading the required books you skimmed through during the school year.
  • Bringing twist-off beer to barbecue to relieve guilt for guzzling the host’s good beer.
  • Re-filling iced tea pitcher – hourly.
  • Sitting in class at the Proviso Math and Science Academy – and it’s not even Labor Day.
  • Trying to get butt in gear to pull off late summer block party.
  • Feeling so good about having a job that we stop complaining about it.
  • Stocking up on barbed wire for our shoes so that we can safely walk to the car this winter.
  • Locking car to prevent theft from change cup, prompting thief to pry open gas door.
  • Using information from “Medicine for Dummies” to avoid costly trips to the doctor.
  • Wishing we hadn’t blown the entire stimulus check at Wal-Mart.
  • Putting off siding the garage for just one more summer.