Editorial board has lost its muse

Perhaps your writers are suffering from the dog days of August and will regain your constructive energy soon. Your last two editorials were a bit sour, meandering and offering almost nothing useful. Ennui?

Your remarks regarding the village council just didn’t hit the mark. I assume you were attempting to sort out whether there is enough public discussion within the village council, but this reader was left with little besides “he said/he said” and “discussion is good for good governance, but not too much.” And you took a decent slam at our previous VC.

The tone left me empty and defensive of our elected officials – a curious position to find myself.

Last week’s editorial regarding Proviso high school is more of a mystery. The daunting, chronic, intractable problems of D209 simply cannot be boiled down to shame on Forest Park. Perhaps you needed to take more space to make your case.

I have lived in Forest Park for seven years, in which time D209 has always been a point of discussion and action. In the past 10 years Forest Park attempted resolution through: the High School Task Force, research and hope to create our own high school, creating a magnet school, and the serious idea to dissolve the district and start anew.

Perhaps we should feel disappointed that those efforts did not solve the Proviso problem, but certainly not shame.

As you well know D209 suffers from corruption and includes 10 towns – the two most formidable organizational problems. Forest Parkers need suggestions and leadership from the Review. And we need to work together.

September is on its way, so let’s hope the crisp new weather will re-charge our batteries and clear our heads.

Sharon Daly
Forest Park

Community’s embrace

This has been a very difficult time for me and my family, but the tenderness shown to us by many in this community helped us get through last week, and I thank you. Your kindness is overwhelming and I know that Beverly would be proud and touched by your warmth.

A special thank you goes to Ms. Sandy Byrnes for her guidance and friendship. I also want to thank Kathleen Ryan, Mayor Anthony Calderone and the village of Forest Park, the Forest Park Fire Department, the Forest Park Police Department, the Howard Mohr Community Center, the Forest Park seniors, the Park District of Forest Park, Kevin and Maureen Harnett and all who sent the prayers and condolences.

Lou Thompson
Forest Park