Author’s note: This is the handwriting of a woman who died 10 years ago. The sample was submitted by the deceased’s niece, who wanted to know more about her aunt.

Alice’s writing was legible, slow, connected, light, and rightward and these things say a lot about her personality.

The fact that her handwriting slanted to the right means that she was emotional, optimistic, generous, and affectionate. She cared about other people and always tried to treat them the way she wanted to be treated. She was sometimes irritable and distracted, especially when she was not feeling well. She was friendly, kind, and considerate.

She didn’t press very hard on her pen and this fine writing shows that she was sympathetic, tolerant and modest. She didn’t hold grudges and she forgave easily. Her energy was not very great, and decreased as she got older. She could be timid and easily offended.

Alice didn’t write very fast and she didn’t do anything very quickly. She was careful, thrifty, cautious and prudent. Being very cautious made her somewhat passive and hesitant, even anxious.

She was intelligent, but not well educated. Her outlook on life was somewhat simplistic. She was honest and sincere and a person could rely on what she said.

She was a good, cooperative worker and tried hard to get along with others.

She was a good person.