Madison Street’s green conscience, Jayne Ertel and Heidi Vance-the women who run a shop about pampering yet run their cars on biodiesel fuel they mix themselves-are busier than usual these days.

They and their staff at Team Blonde are getting ready to move the jewelry studio, accessories boutique and mini spa three blocks west. Team Blonde’s new locale is Moss Modern Flowers’ current one, at 7442 Madison. Moss is moving across the street, to the space recently vacated when Quitsch Florist closed.

Ertel and Vance, who own both the building their shop is now in-at Madison and Circle-as well as the building that Moss is in-next to Trage Appliances, opted to run Team Blonde in the larger of the two retail spaces, which is Moss’s.

Should all go as planned with the buildout, Team Blonde will be open at the new address on Saturday, Oct. 11. Through the move, the shop will be closed only two days: Oct. 9 and 10.

Meanwhile, back at the current Team Blonde, Ertel and Vance’s fire for recycling continues to show in their stock.

-Staff reports


1) Billboard purse
Made from sign vinyl reclaimed from U.S. highways. $68

2) Swizzle-stick bracelet

3) Tail-light earrings
From Happenstance, an Oak Park design company. $40

4) Diaper bag or brief case
PVC free. $97.50

5) Scrabble pendant
$18 each

Team Blonde
7324 Madison, until Oct. 8
7442 Madison, as of Oct. 11