Dear Amie,

Thank you very much for your funny postcard, note and handwriting sample.

Amie, your writing is legible, has exaggerated lower loops, has mixed slants, is only partially connected and when it is connected, the letters are joined by archlike formations called arcades, rather than by cuplike formations that are called garlands.

These arcades (joining letters at the top rather than at the bottom) tell me that you are open and diplomatic but that you usually hide your true thoughts. You have a good sense of balance and there is a coolness in your character structure.

You are independent and usually maintain a safe emotional distance with others. You feel a strong need to protect yourself and those close to you. You are formal, proud, shy, cautious and sometimes secretive.

You have an artistic sense of proportion as well as a fine sense of form and style. You are very creative! At times, you can be very authoritarian and are a serious person. You need a lot of time to make up your mind. But once it is made up, you stick with your decisions.

Amie, notice how large your lower loops are (Y’s and G’s).

These large loops mean that you are driven by powerful unconscious drives. These drives make you restless, so you spend much energy trying to satisfy your strong appetites for money, sex, food, color, music, entertainment, and variety.

You have many creative and original ideas and a lot of physical energy but you need help in carrying through on projects. If you do not find an adequate outlet for your strong sexual urges, you run the risk of being very frustrated.

The fact that your writing is legible means that you try to be a straightforward and honest person and that you have a desire for clear communication and understanding with other people.

Your writing does not have a consistent slant, Amie.

Some of your letters are vertical while others slant to the right or left. This mixed or inconsistent slant suggests that you are a versatile person but that you also can be agitated, unpredictable, anxious and inconsistent. This is caused by some inner, emotional conflict that you really need to resolve in order to feel good about yourself.

I would suggest that, when you write, you try very hard to keep all your letters going in the same direction.

Much good luck.