Traffic camera installed on Roosevelt

A camera system designed to catch motorists disobeying traffic signals has been installed at the intersection of Roosevelt Road and Desplaines Avenue. Drivers suspected of running a red light at this corner risk being photographed and fined $100 for the infraction. Before selecting which intersections in town to target, police reviewed crash reports and settled on those junctions that most frequently see collisions.

Village council members first approved the installation of such cameras, managed by RedSpeed Illinois, in December 2007. According to Mayor Anthony Calderone, a second camera system will be placed at the junction of Harlem Avenue and Roosevelt Road in the near future.

Help with flood repairs

Residents and businesses owners in Forest Park may be eligible for a low-interest loan to help pay for repairs due to the mid-September flooding. Through a program offered by the state treasurer, those whose homes or businesses were damaged in the storm may qualify for financial assistance in the form of a below-market interest rate. Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderone said at a recent council meeting he was not aware of any properties damaged by the flood waters, but encouraged residents to contact the state office with questions. The Des Plaines River flooded its banks the weekend of Sept. 13 following record rainfalls.