Dear Rana,

Thank you so much for your letter and your writing sample, and I’m happy you enjoyed my presentation. I enjoyed speaking to your group.

Your question about changing personality is interesting. There is an area of handwriting study called graphotherapy, which tries to help people rid themselves of bad habits by changing their handwriting. It works, like most therapies, if the client tries, but it does not change the personality, only some external characteristics. It is a form of therapy requiring significant commitment on the part of the patient.

For example, if a person’s handwriting is sloppy and illegible because that person is careless and writes too fast, the therapy would be to have the writer slow down and write more carefully and neatly. The writing would improve and the writer would be reminded to write with more care and discipline. Hopefully, this increased discipline in their writing would transfer to other areas of the writer’s life.

Rana, your handwriting is large, rightward, light, quick, partially disconnected, and rises from left to right.

The fact that your handwriting rises means that you are an optimist. You are usually cheerful and you always try to see the brighter side of any situation. You have faith in the future and feel confident that your goals and ambitions will turn out well. You are ambitious and restless.

Your handwriting also slants to the right so we know you are emotional, friendly, sympathetic and affectionate. You are sociable, generous, and a real humanitarian.

You write quickly, Rana, and this is because you think quickly, so I know you are intelligent. You learn quickly, and you are an intuitive learner in that you often sense things before they happen (this is also an indicator of musical talent). Since you think quickly and smoothly, you have the ability to be a good writer or public speaker.

Rana, your writing is light (you don’t press hard on your pen) and this fine writing shows that your emotional feelings are strong, but not long lasting. You are sensitive, feminine, modest, tolerant and adaptable. You can be timid and easily offended.

You like to deal directly with people. You are mature, proud and independent, and you have the ability to make quick decisions and eliminate unnecessary details. Your determination is strong and you don’t mind spending time by yourself.