Congratulations to the Arts Committee; the Arts Fest just gets better and better. This year, some former Forest Parkers came back to visit and enjoy the fair, including, Ron and Leslie Apilado, Ron’s mother Elizabeth, his sister Elisha, and the Huynh family, Anthony, Lee and Joan.

After a brunch at Thyme and Honey (Ron’s treat) the old friends browsed the fair and reminisced about their years growing up together. Ron and Leslie are now living in Hoffman Estates, Elizabeth in Mesquite, Texas, and soon, Elisha will be attending the School of the Art Institute and living in downtown Chicago. The Huyns are still Forest Parkers.

Christine Quintana spent last weekend (Sept. 27 and 28) in New York City attending a wedding at the New York Botanic Gardens. Some friends of friends “knew someone” at NBC and got them tickets to Saturday Night Live, where Christine witnessed the Tina Fey spoof of Sarah Palin. It was a memorable weekend.

On Oct. 11, 1958, Esther (Wolf) and Ed Huebner were very much in love and married at Saint Paul’s Church in Forest Park. Their reception was at the Oak Park Arms Hotel where many elegant receptions took place back then. The Huebners gave the world two remarkable children, Jim and Julie. Julie is now Mrs. Ed Brown. Jim married Aileen and they have given the world some more remarkable Huebners: Jessica, Andy and Esther. Ed and Julie Brown’s offspring are, Jake, Jim, Billy and Kaeli. Taken as a whole, Esther and Ed Huebner have lived a rich, full life together with many happy memories. Congratulations to them, and best wishes for many more years together.

October 8 is the anniversary of the Chicago Fire, as well as the even more deadly Peshtigo, Wis., fire. The 9th is officially Leif Erikson Day in Iceland and observed as the discovery of the North American continent in the year 1000. It is also Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and Tishri 5769.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in Canada on Oct. 13 this year. On Oct. 16 the Crimean War began. Just what was the Crimean war? I don’t know much myself, but the Ottoman Empire declared war on Russia and Tennyson was moved to write The Charge of the Light Brigade. It also gave us Florence Nightingale.

Happy anniversary to Todd and Denise Marler on Oct. 8, and also to Kate and Johnny Tricoci. Todd Cote and Samantha Thiesse have a birthday on Oct. 8 as well. On Oct. 9, happy birthday to Jan Behnke, Cody Healy, and Marissa Mullen, and happy anniversary to Craig and Karen Curey; Oct. 10, Morgan Hosty, Anthony Bartolotte, Kevin Doss, Lily O’Neil, and happy anniversary to Mike and Eve Dudzik; on the 11th, happy first birthday to Riley Nee, and also, happy birthday to Bob Sullivan, Mark Hosty and Eve Dudzik; Oct. 12, Charlotte and Frank Chiero celebrate an anniversary, and happy birthday to, Robert Scheiwe, Bernice Abbott and Donna Eggers; on the 13th, Bill Plumtree, Laura Hein and Barbara Sedlak; on the 14th, happy first anniversary to Carol Ann and David Fagan, who will probably be celebrating with Tucker and Sam, two shelter dogs they adopted. Also on Oct. 14, happy birthday to Nicholas Radkiewicz, Kim Dorney, Georgia Berkuso, John Rice, Anna Snyder, Sean Patrick Sullivan and Jack Vainisi; on the 15th, Jim Murray and Laurie Kokenes.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life’s other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side of Chicago in a great neighborhood when it was a great time to be young.