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A dog that attacked and killed another recently will be banned from entering Forest Park, according to the village’s animal administrator, and has been deemed a “dangerous dog” under local ordinances.

David Wieczorek, the owner of an obedience school who is contracted to handle such matters for the village, said the owner of the Rottweiler mix has been notified of the decision.

The ruling comes after a Sept. 26 incident at the dog park on Circle Avenue in which the offending animal seized a Yorkshire terrier in its jaws and shook it. Neither of the dogs lived in the village, and neither pet had been registered to use the dog park, according to police.

“Considering the circumstances, we don’t want the dog here in the village,” Wieczorek said.

According to local ordinances, dangerous dogs must be spayed or neutered within 10 days of the finding and can be ordered to complete behavioral training. The owner of the pet has 30 days to appeal the animal administrator’s finding to the circuit court.

-Josh Adams