Dear Dina,

Thank you so much for your note and cursive writing sample.

It is true that most young people have virtually abandoned cursive writing in favor of printing, and to that extent, good writing has become something of a throwback.

Although your cursive is forced, it is quite nice. It is legible, light, rightward and it rises.

The fact that your script is so light is significant. Light writing results from not pressing very hard on your pencil. This lack of pressure tells me that you are feminine, sensitive, tolerant, receptive, modest, and very susceptible to atmosphere. On the downside, this lack of pressure could show timidity, lack of initiative, touchiness, weak will power, and suggests that you are easily offended.

You do not hold grudges and you forgive easily. Although you feel things intensely when they happen, you do not have the capacity to suffer or brood for very long. You are not likely to be prejudiced.

Dina, notice how your writing rises from left to right. This means that you are an optimist. You are usually cheerful and seldom feel the odds are against you. You have faith in yourself and generally believe that your goals, hopes and dreams will turn out well.

The middle zone of your writing is of normal size. Generally, the middle zone shows what the writer thinks of herself and her role in life, and how she can be expected to project this self-image on others. Your well balanced middle zone means you have a wholesome self-confidence and have been able to make a sensible adjustment to life. You have the ability to handle your own thoughts and feelings so as to get along with others, express yourself, and accomplish your goals. Your ego has an inner equilibrium that accords an equal focus of attention to all areas of your life. You are practical and down to earth. You don’t waste a lot of time daydreaming. You set realistic goals for yourself, so you are an efficient and thorough worker.

Dina, your writing slants slightly to the right and your letters are joined by cup-like connectors called garlands (which would be absent when you print). This combination of strokes indicates that you are sincere, kind, sympathetic and tolerant, but that you can be easily influenced, restless and lacking in self-discipline. You are sometimes self-conscious.

Thank you again, Dina, for this sample of your cursive script. Keep this analysis to remind you of what computers and printing have made a lost art form.