Cavallo’s ‘real talk’

Forest Park School Superintendent Lou Cavallo began his presentation of the proposed elementary school restructuring by saying he wanted to dispel the myths about his plan. He sounded like our mayor doing spin control.

Our previous school board sold us a tax increase to fund education and avoid drastic changes. Residents invested based on that commitment. Now Cavallo uses the word drastic more than he does commitment.

Cavallo explained he has implemented this in every district he has worked for. Clearly, this is his blueprint. Surely the board knew his philosophy when he was hired. Why not tell us sooner?

Educational improvement, fiscal responsibility and racial balancing are some of the benefits this program will provide according to Cavallo. His concerns are, more student school transitions, no real home school building and families maybe split between schools.

During the Q/A session Cavallo revealed his “real talk” persona when responding to questions about a recent article in the Forest Park Review. The “uproar” from Garfield area residents elicited yet another “real talk” response. I was waiting for a Sarah Palin bunny nose or wink each time he said “real talk.”

Well here is my “real talk.” Wink. Wink. (I can’t do the bunny nose thingy):

  • With Calderone’s blessing Cavallo wants to do away with neighborhood schools. I guess our small town charm only applies to Madison Street.
  • Residents should tell board members how they feel. Also let them know that they will be held accountable.
  • Quit asking how to spend our tax dollars. Reward teachers; lose the salesmen, consultants and administrative layers.
  • Stop boundary busting and preferential enrollment. Even for those who live in “Hostyville.”
  • Coffee is for closers according to Glengarry Glen Ross. If Glenn Garlisch is not going to stick around for more than a cup of coffee, he should not vote.

Tony Sarley
Forest Park