Barbara Wambach was excited about attending the 30th reunion of her class of 1978 from Oak Park-River Forest High School. Among the graduates is comedian Kathy Griffin, who has been appearing at the Chicago Theatre.

After the festivities, several of the girls went to the Marion Street Grill where they ran into actor John Mahoney. Sounds like a real celebrities’ night in the old town.

Kathy and her family are originally from Forest Park, they all went to Saint Bernardine’s, then, off to different high schools. Kathy’s father was the late John Griffin, a very bright, mild-mannered and witty guy. He and Kathy’s mother, Marge, used to come back regularly until John and most of their old friends and neighbors died. Kathy thoughtfully left a ticket for Nancy Bower, a former neighbor.

Thelma Piche and her daughter, Renee Clark, were doing research at the library looking for old photos of Forest Park. Thelma is writing her memoirs and would appreciate any photos of the old days. As a child she lived at Circle and Madison streets and attended Saint John. Thanks to the late Dr. Frank Orland, Mrs. Piche was able to locate a few pictures from his book, Forest Park Chronicles.

There are only a few more days to enjoy the paintings of Nancy Fong on exhibit at the Forest Park National Bank. Ms. Fong’s work is representational art. Her work has been on display in Sweden, Canada and France. She has taught at the Oak Park Senior Center, Morton College and West Suburban Chinese School. Among her honors is a Best of Show by the Oak Park Art League. For information about any of her work you can call 353-5693.

Oct. 22 was the 125th anniversary of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Gounod’s Faust was the opening work on Oct. 22, 1888. It’s also Annette Funicello’s, of the Mickey Mouse Club, 66th birthday!

The 23rd is Mole Day, you’ve heard of Mole Day. Mole Day was discovered by a man named Amadeo Arogadro. If you understand it, please give me a call. Something about 32 to the 10th power is the number of molecules in all substances or something.

Saint John Capistrano died of the plague on this day in 1456. It is also the day the swallows leave the mission named for him in California. They return on the 19th of March. Oct. 24 was Black Thursday in 1929; 13 million shares were dumped. On Oct. 25, 1400, Chaucer died. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.

Picasso was born this month in 1881.

Sunday, Oct. 26 is Hillary Clinton’s birthday.

On Oct. 22, happy birthday to Rebecca Jargstorf and Michael Sansone. Happy anniversary to Kathleen and Michael Redmond; on the 23rd, happy birthday to Noreen Carr, Jesse Sosa, Elizabeth Schiffman, Mark Ross, Michael Rudolf, Angeline Cote and Gary Stetler. On Oct. 24, happy birthday to Irene Cosgrove, Anil D’Souza, Frank Anselmo and Charlie Hoehne, and happy anniversary to Brent and Yvonne Marler; on Oct. 25, Hannah Connelly and John Paul Schmidt celebrate birthdays, and Austin and Terry D’Souza have an anniversary; Oct. 26, Samantha Zaverdas, Dick Byars and Josie Becker each have a birthday, and anniversary greetings to Connie and Ralph Considine; on Oct. 27 the birthday girl is Kay Duff, and the birthday boy is Drew Christopher Frank; on the 28th, Charlotte Lavnick, Chloe Hillis, Annette Stetler and Rich Bisluk also celebrate birthdays.