Dear Charles,

Thank you for your note and handwriting sample.

Your writing rises from left to right and your T crossings are high up on the stem, so I know you are an optimist with high expectations, which is more typical of a Cub fan than a White Sox supporter. Baseball aside, you have high goals and ambitions (despite your age) and you believe things will turn out well even if there are some obstacles.

Charles, you are a man with a significant intellect. You are intelligent and your desire to learn new things is strong. You are continually seeking new knowledge and experiences.

Notice the many sharp angles in your script, Charles, especially in the Ms and Ns. These angles tell me that you are a man who likes to have things under his own control and you want to exercise discipline over those under you. You would not refuse to take responsibility or accept a challenge. Your willpower is strong and you are relentless in your desire to achieve goals and objectives. You are precise and intellectually aggressive. At times, you have been known to be rigid, inflexible, and unyielding because you are disciplined, firm, and steadfast in your convictions. Once your mind is made up, you seldom change it. Your determination to succeed and your ability to work energetically are great, but the variety and complexity of human emotions remains a baffling mystery to you.

Your writing tells me that you are firm, decisive, serious, conscientious, thorough, determined, steadfast, reliable, and have a strong sense of obligation. As a result you can be unsympathetic, unyielding, and pitilessly logical.

Charles, you have a great deal of pride and dignity. You act according to custom and convention and you seldom defy tradition. You dress and act conservatively. You take pride in your appearance and in your work. New religious and political concepts are difficult for you to accept. You are always searching for spiritual fulfillment and feel frustration when you are not able to achieve it.

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, you are honest, sociable, unselfish, self-reliant, co-operative, and sincere.

Much good luck to you, Charles, and to the White Sox.

Editor’s note: In the coming months, the Handwriting Analysis column by Dr. Jim Murray will no longer be featured in the Forest Park Review. Dr. Murray is responding to a few letters that he has already received, but please do not send in any additional samples to be analyzed.

Though his good work will not be featured in these pages, Dr. Murray is available for public speaking engagements on the subject of handwriting analysis.