A great response to a public concern

Myself and other concerned citizens attended the village council meeting on Oct. 14. We came to publicize the most recent worries we have concerning the youth in our immediate community, the main park on Harrison Street. We came away with excellent input from Mayor Calderone, supported by the council, to find assistance from the Forest Park Police Department, Neighborhood Watch, and the Park District of Forest Park.

We attended a meeting at the village hall for Neighborhood Watch. A large group of citizens lead by Hope Simon and Gi Gi Alfano were amazing and inspirational in their enthusiasm. What a wonderful group. We were highly enlightened and believe we have found an agency that can be utilized in promoting our specific concern, safety for our children.

We have spoken to Chief Ryan, Deputy Chief Aftanas and Lt. Knack as well as Sgt. Zanoni and Officer Cannon. At the station we sat in at afternoon roll call. We were warmly welcomed and had questions answered by the officer from our specific territory, and others encouraged us to continue our involvement, assuring us they would be responsive, showing great sensitivity and appreciation of our concerns.

This past week Bernice Gray attended a park district meeting. The board acknowledged her and responded well to her questions, thanking her more than once for attending and being involved.

All these agencies have been open and understanding of our efforts to improve the community in which we live, work and play. Thank you all so much. It gives us great confidence that good things can happen when citizens make efforts to tap the substantial resources at our disposal.

We would like to encourage anyone who has the interest of children and our community in their hearts to please attend the Neighborhood Watch meeting on Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Connie Custardo
Forest Park

Scouts lend a hand

On behalf of the Forest Park Food Pantry, I want to express our sincere appreciation to the Forest Park, River Forest and Oak Park Girl Scouts for their hard work collecting and delivering food to our facility. Also thank you to Lisa Files who coordinated the food drive.

Karen Dylewski
Community Center