Two friends who were apparently “drinking throughout the day” pitched themselves off a third-story balcony onto a concrete pad, according to police, and were hospitalized through the weekend.

Investigators were still sorting through details of the Nov. 2 incident several days later, and said they had not yet had a chance to speak with either of the men involved. Details on the men’s condition were not available.

“From what the family says, these two guys are best friends,” Deputy Police Chief Tom Aftanas said.

Mark Walts, a 23-year-old condo resident at 7212 Jackson is one of the men who fell from the balcony, according to police. He and 22-year-old Gerard Normand of Oak Park broke through a wooden railing attached to the back of the property shortly after midnight, police said. A witness to the fall called emergency crews to the scene.

According to Aftanas, the men had been drinking alcohol earlier in the day and eventually engaged one another in a verbal spat that moved onto the balcony. Neighbors and witnesses to the fall told authorities they could hear the men arguing. Police do not yet know what the dispute was about, said Aftanas, because they have not been able to speak with the men.

“It seems like this wasn’t a real heated argument,” Aftanas said.

The incident is under investigation but no criminal charges have been filed. Also, village property inspectors were notified of the incident and asked to inspect the safety of the wooden balcony.

“It’s pretty preliminary until we speak with both of the victims,” Aftanas said. “They have to heal.”