Dear Mary,

Thank you very much for your note and writing sample.

You say that your writing is very basic and I agree, but I think your handwriting is excellent, especially for a person your age. It is legible, neat, and attractive. When a person gets older his or her writing usually deteriorates due to poor eye sight, poor muscle control, or the effects of medication.

In addition to being legible your script is connected, rightward, has sharp points, long down strokes, high T crossings, and leaves wide spaces between the words and lines.

The rightward slant tells me that you are friendly and emotional but the wide spaces indicate your need to maintain a safe emotional distance from others, probably due to an inner need for privacy. You are kind and sociable, but you don’t want others invading your personal space, physically or psychologically.

You are generous, optimistic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic, but always on your own terms. You take on more responsibilities than the average person and you have always been willing to work hard in order to achieve the results you desire. You are a very dependable person.

Notice that your lower strokes are long and your lower loops large. This tells me that you have good organizational skills, that you are self-analytical, self-sufficient, and take a realistic approach to everything. Your determination is strong and you are a good, dependable worker.

Mary, the big loop on you small D suggests that you are a very sensitive person. You are emotionally touchy and vulnerable to both criticism and flattery. You are self-conscious in that you feel others are watching you and critically appraising what they see. Attention causes you embarrassment, but you still like it.

You are a long-range planner, Mary. You have a good brain and you use it.

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, Mary, you are sincere, honest, patient, co-operative, logical, feminine, frank and dignified.

Good luck and happy Thanksgiving.