Dear Carole,

Thank you for your note and writing sample. I was also very happy to meet you and your family at the block party.

Your handwriting, Carole, is really personalized printing. It has changed over the years because you have changed.

When you were in second grade, you learned cursive writing and you probably used it for several years, but somehow, it wasn’t right for you, so you left it behind and adopted your own print-writing. Because you have rejected what you were taught, I know you are something of a rebel, not a “rabble-rouser,” but someone who does things her own way, regardless of the expectations of others.

Your printing is large, neat, legible, upright, mostly disconnected, wide, and has no loops. The middle zone is large, so you have no upper or lower loops, and your baseline falls a little from left to right.

The large middle zone tells me that you are practical, realistic, determined, strong willed, factual, and opinionated. You have a strong ego and you like running things. Accepting criticism is not easy for you, and sometimes you can be a pessimist.

Carole, your neat and legible printing tells me that you are sincere, conventional, purposeful, patient, clear thinking, straightforward, and honest. Because you are so sincere and honest you can also be gullible and naive at times.

Your printing is upright and heavy so I know you are proud and independent. You are reliable and friendly, but you also are somewhat skeptical and hold yourself at a safe emotional distance from others. This is a form of ego-protection. The good balance in your writing indicates that you have a wholesome self-confidence and have made a sensible adjustment to life.

Your heavy script means that you have a lot of energy, vitality, tenacity, and conscientiousness. You are not afraid to make decisions and you are not afraid of challenges. You like being noticed and hate being overlooked. You have a good sense of humor, and a taste for art, music, and religious practice. You are ambitious and idealistic, but you need to guard against vanity.

You have a sense of tradition and stable values. Your desire to protect your home and family is fierce, so you deal with life in a cautious manner.

You have a good deal of self-respect, Carole, and have a high regard for yourself. You believe you have special gifts and talents to give to the world, and you have the desire to stand out and to be outstanding.

Much good luck to you, and happy Thanksgiving.

Editor’s note: In the coming months, the Handwriting Analysis column by Dr. Jim Murray will no longer be featured in the Forest Park Review. Dr. Murray is responding to a few letters that he has already received, but please do not send in any additional samples to be analyzed.

Though his good work will not be featured in these pages, Dr. Murray is available for public speaking engagements on the subject of handwriting analysis.