Dear Rose,

Thank you very much for your kind words regarding my presentation at Bethlehem Woods, and for your note and writing sample.

Your handwriting is very legible, Rose. It is also large, rightward, and connected, and these characteristics provide me with clues regarding your personality and character.

Your words sound as if you are depressed, but your handwriting does not show depression. It shows that you are realistic, practical and emotionally stable.

Leaving a job can be a very traumatic experience for anyone but sitting in front of the TV and feeling sorry for yourself won’t make things better. You need to compensate for what gratifications you received from work by being involved with other people. Join clubs, attend programs, go on short trips, and talk with your neighbors. Don’t allow yourself to be bored. In doing this, you help others as well as yourself.

Rose, your letters are joined by cuplike formations called garlands. These garland formations show me that you are sincere, kind, frank, sympathetic, and easy going. You are passive and non-competitive. You always try to avoid conflict. You have very strong security needs, so leaving your job is very threatening for you. You are expressive yet very conventional, and you desperately want communication with and acceptance by other people.

You are realistic, materialistic, physical extroverted, generous, flexible and expressive. You are a dignified person in that you always try to act according to custom. You seldom defy tradition and you always try to do the right thing at the right time, as you see it. You take a good deal of pride in your appearance and in your work, as a result, you always do a good job at whatever you undertake and you are always well-dressed.

Because you are both proud and dignified you are somewhat self-conscious. You feel others are judging you, and attention causes you embarrassment.

Rose, your large writing means that you are serious, self-reliant, and generous while your rightward slant suggests that you are sociable and affectionate. Get away from the TV and get involved. You have a lot to give to other people.