All dressed up for a party

It was totally delightful to judge the “living windows” of the businesses along Madison Street as part of the Forest Park chamber’s holiday program.

I have never seen this done before. Usually, displays consist of various kinds of Christmas decorations, some lighting, maybe music, and that’s that. I can understand why the Forest Park chamber is one of the more successful of its kind. This is reflected in the gentrification and successes of Forest Park businesses.

Now, I will admit, it was very, very cold, and I felt very sorry for Rick of Rick’s Rickshaw who was pedaling me around to see the various displays. Since I had to go to a formal dinner after the judging, I was in a full-length formal with all the trimmings, including a pair of heavy duty mukluks. It was hardly a fashion plate, to be sure.

The displays were very clever and hard to choose from them a winner. An Elvis impersonator gave me his scarf, which was all too wonderful. I had to forego a proffered meatball as I had a white coat and figured that, given the opportunity, I would be wearing the meatball to the dinner I had to attend.

Kudos to Lori Kokenes for running such a spectacular holiday display. It is things like this that make Forest Park such a great and unique town.

Judy Baar Topinka
Commissioner, Regional Transportation Authority Riverside