Parents must embrace schools’ changes

I attended the final meeting addressing the reconfiguration of our schools. I believe that this decision is a landmark event which will improve the quality of education in all our schools.

I have sent my children out-of-district to a private school for the past three years because I believed the quality of education at the district they attended was sub par. I am strongly considering bring them back to this district because the change will improve the system overall. Each classroom will get the attention it deserves due to greater oversight, better teaching techniques and greater parent involvement. Some might argue that having all of the students from across the district in one place might poorly affect the standing of the school but I would argue that all of the students deserve a quality education, and if some are failing, or the parents of these children are remiss, then those students can only improve.

Parents who are involved will be more involved especially if they think their children are at risk, or their education will be compromised. That involvement is good for everyone. I think parents make the difference. If more parents see other parents involved, then they will also learn and benefit from the proactive approaches they witness around them and maybe even improve their parenting skills. In the past, parents who wanted to be involved at one of the sub-par schools got little support. They had too much to do and felt overwhelmed. If more of us have a presence at each level, the standards can only be raised for all; the least and the best.

In addition, the children will reconnect to the community, which I believe this village desperately needs.

This big step encourages another critical look at current faculty and staff. With greater scrutiny and strict oversight the inept will be weeded out and a healthier staff will emerge. I know that many of us are upset, but sometimes change is necessary for the good of all. I believe this to be the case here. I would like to thank the school board and others, especially Dr. Cavallo, for the hard work and even tougher decisions they have made to move our schools into the next century.

Connie Custardo
Forest Park

Praise for the plows

It is hard to come to grips with the fact that this is still autumn.

Already, howling northerlies and the ice and snow make one think we are hunkered down in February.

How comforting and satisfying to see that the village’s Public Works Department has been ready to answer the call by keeping abreast of these early season storms.

The twin plow approach down the street in front of my house is a comforting site and sound, no matter what time of day or night they arrive.

And every time I see our sidewalks plowed, I shake my head in amazement for I know of no other town that receives this level of commitment to safety and service.

Not many know, or take the time to consider, how truly complex the strategies and logistics of snow removal can be, as well as how physically and emotionally demanding the efforts are, particularly when storms are arrayed to come at you one after the other, as looks to be the case at the time of this writing.

All who live, work and play in Forest Park should reach out to the mayor, the council and the employees of the Public Works Department and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.

When you see the plows out on the street – give them a wave and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.

Our neighbors might wish their fair burgs took as good a care of them as we receive here in Forest Park.

Charles J. Crump
Forest Park