40 years ago

It was sum-up time, December 1968: Editors tallied births, deaths, fist fights, high school reunions, the Christmas consumption of material goods and engagements. Among happenings, significant or otherwise, the local traffic stats for the year were as follows:

In the first nine months of ’68, Forest Park had 333 auto accidents. Fortunately, only one person was killed, and 93 injured. In comparison, Maywood had 539 traffic accidents; Oak Park 565; River Forest 339 and Berwyn 624. Drivers here received 322 traffic citations due in no small measure to Candy S. who garnered 178 all by herself, and Stephen G. of Mokena, who gave her a good run with 171. Games people play?

From the Dec. 5, 1968 Forest Park Review

30 years ago

Telling Democrats from Republicans, Part 2:

Republicans study the financial pages of the newspapers. Democrats put them in the bottom of the bird cage.

Most of the stuff you see alongside the road has been thrown out windows by Democrats.

Republicans raise dahlias, Dalmatians and eyebrows. Democrats raise Airdales, kids and taxes.

Democrats eat the fish they catch. Republicans stuff and mount them.

Republican boys date Democratic girls. They plan to marry Republican girls, but feel they’re entitled to a little fun first.

Democrats make plans, then do something else. Republicans follow the plans their grandfathers made.

Republicans sleep in twin beds, some in separate rooms. That’s why there are more Democrats.

Source: The Sterling Bulletin

From the Oct. 25, 1978 Forest Park Review

20 years ago

Every so often, the retirement of a long-respected local figure is cause for an unusual number of congratulatory letters to the editor. This was the case when Dr. Phyllis Orland called it a career-would you believe-20 years ago. Seldom does the retiree take the time to acknowledge in kind and rarely with such grace. Here’s a portion of her reply:

Former patients and friends:

Thank you for the many written and verbal complimentary remarks, and especially Christine Maxa’s feature story in the Forest Park Review about my 42 years of pediatric practice. [These years] made me realize that my conscientious medical advice and care were recognized.

I could not have done this without the supportive role of Oak Park Hospital and MacNeal Hospital, my staff and entire family who answered phone calls, took messages and had their plans disrupted by many “emergencies.” Of course, my greatest thanks go to my husband of 45 years, Dr. Frank Orland, and our children and parents, who were always concerned and supportive of my professional commitments. Many thanks to all.

Phyllis T.M. Orland, M.D.

From the Oct. 26, 1988 Forest Park Review

10 years ago

Pete’s Grill. Even the name sounds right for a Forest Park breakfast joint-burger place-dinner hangout. And why not? For over 33 years the place was in the good hands of Pete Karnezes and his wife, Lee. Their lease got “lost” during the height of our Madison Street makeover. When Pete and Main Street redeveloper Art Jones attempted to renew leasing terms on the property, it was in the hands of a new lessor.

The place had found a home here among locals and those who drove through town regularly, and the news was greeted with genuine disappointment and consternation by most customers. Lee Karnezes said they were disgusted, partly because they had done expensive upgrading.

Laurie Kokenes of the chamber of commerce said that the restaurant probably brought in more money than any business on the street. She said that Pete and Lee knew everybody and treated them well for over 20 years. “A good place run by good people is hard to replace,” she said.

From the Nov. 18, 1998 Forest Park Review