Police effort an unfriendly approach

The police and chamber of commerce should not be proud that they managed to give tickets to 34 drivers that failed to give the right of way to pedestrians on Madison Street on the first weekend in December. I was not one of them, but I fail to see how forcing drivers to pay $75 (I believe) a ticket for this minor offense is of any help at all.

The fine far outweighs the little offense involved. If the drivers were speeding as well, it’s another thing entirely. With this very wrong-minded sting, the drivers stand to lose $75 that might have been spent in Forest Park or nearby villages on Christmas gifts, necessities, or to make the holidays happier. Some people might have received smaller or less desirable gifts because of the fine. (I am not implying that the sting is a good idea the rest of the year, though.)

The village is not any friendlier by enforcing this law. Warnings would have been sufficient, or perhaps a $5 token ticket. But of course, a major motive was the revenue. People get hit every day in Illinois crossing streets, but there must be other ways to curtail that problem. Do-gooders should mind their own business.

Thomas Ellerton
Forest Park