Failing to yield is ‘unfriendly’

I am writing in response to Thomas Ellerton’s Dec. 31 letter “Police effort an unfriendly approach.” Perhaps, Thomas, you have never tried to cross Madison Street to spend your money on gifts or necessities. Cars just don’t stop. You want our police and village to give a slap on the hand to those who don’t obey the law just because it is the holiday season? The holiday season brings more pedestrians and more cars. I say, what better time than now. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, people need to be reminded of the importance of pedestrian crossings.

You think giving warnings should have been sufficient; do you think they raised the crosswalk in the middle of Madison for aesthetics? No, it was meant for people to slow down and stop for pedestrians.

I don’t know how long you have lived here but at one point we had stop-for-pedestrians-in-crosswalk signs up and down Madison and drivers still failed to stop for the pedestrians. Since you read the article about how the tickets were given out, hopefully you read the article dated Nov. 18 called “Hey, I’m walking here.” This article states that this law will be actively enforced starting Dec 1. How much more warning does one person need?

Heather Byrnes
Forest Park

Three beats two?

Thanks to Barack Obama the world is finally exposed to Illinois politics in all its pay to play glory. Without his success, Rezko, Blagojevich, Ryan and the gang would be small print. The Madigans, Quinn, Jackson, Durbin, Daley and Cross are appalled. Our village council, led by the Calderone crew, has clung to the mantra that what is good for the state is good for Forest Park. No it is not and we can’t wait! Politicians have abused power and embarrassed Illinois voters long enough. Their ignorance of right and wrong enables corruption.

Commissioners Curry and Hoskins will support Calderone’s agenda now, however, when their mayoral crave hits they will need a level playing field. Campaign reforms as part of a meaningful ethics ordinance is a start. Maybe with Commissioner Tellalian’s help they will do the right thing and initiate an inevitable change. As politicians say, “three beats two.”

As Village Administrator Mike Sturino leaves to lobby for the road builders, why not eliminate his Ethics Officer title and pass the pressure to law? Anyway, Obama’s climate of change should inspire our council to ensure that three for the good always beats two with the money!

Tony Sarley
Forest Park