Real Americans show honor for authority

With this past Thanksgiving and Christmas, I really sat down and thought about what is important in life. Friends, family, my community, having a job in these troubled times, and I am forever so thankful for being an American and for those in government authority, such as the president, mayors, and commissioners. To take such a role is not only challenging on making tough decisions, but being able to be to tough skinned to go against criticism they receive.

Has society lost sight of respect? Have we lost sight of the Golden Rule? It seems we have abused freedom of speech with the mentality of, “let me say what I want, event at the expense of another’s feelings or character.” Is it just to slander those in authority by slandering them or degrading society?

It is honorable to take the high road, to be respectful even when treated unfair or when it seems someone in charge is doing something we don’t like or agree with. When we find difficult to follow or adjust to, we have to be real Americans and continue to bring honor to that authority. We all heard the saying, “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Of course, if that official is doing something illegal by the law of the land or morally wrong, it is our duty to bring him to a higher authority for removal, if necessary. But if a decision is made that is not illegal, but we just don’t like it, it honors our forefathers to make appeals, not protest. Let it be done out of kindness and gentleness, otherwise you’re resisting.

If I pull or push you, you naturally resist to the opposite direction, but if I gently take your hand we can walk together. Make an appeal in decency and order, and the authority will honor you. Even if your appeal is not made, you have not lost anything, but gained respect and most importantly, you honored an American official. Someone of great wisdom told me “to respect all human authority, whether the king as head of state or the officials he appointed.”

Anthony Calderone Jr.

A stranger’s aid

I’d like to thank the guardian angel who helped me up.

On Friday, June 2, I fell in the street and I was trying to move when a voice behind me told me to sit still. She grabbed me under the arms and had me up. I couldn’t turn around to thank her, as she left in her car. So, thanks again for helping me up.

June Hull
Forest Park

Humility would help

It didn’t have to turn out this way.

The ins and outs of Mark Hosty’s rehab could have been a teaching moment and a healing opportunity for us. I suspect some members of the village council, the police department and building department agree.

The non-documentation, the inconclusive conclusion, the council’s bogus festivities celebrating this odd saga leave readers and observers confused and/or still stuck in their preconceived notions of how our elected officials do – or do not – serve us.

What if this happened, instead?

For the sake of argument, let’s assume there is plenty of blame to go around, including negligence to some degree by Hosty. As a public official, he could have chosen to say, “Hey, I screwed up. It’s my house and my responsibility to ensure the rehab was proper and legal. As your elected commissioner, I should have set a better example. I am pulling all pertinent permits and paying all associated fees and fines. Additionally, I am dropping my trespassing charges against Steve Backman. I acted in anger and haste, and do not wish to further tax village resources on this matter.”

In that scenario, a resident might have identified with Hosty and possibly forgiven him. And possibly the village would have earned the respect and trust it would have deserved.

Sharon Daly
Forest Park

Ruled by fools

Mark Hosty hired Public Health and Safety Director Mike “the” Boyle, but it was Mike Curry’s Zoning Board of Appeals who recommended the Boyle perform ZBA duties. Calderone approved and the Boyle Rules were enacted.

Boyle’s combative scolding of citizens gathered to hear Hosty’s pleas of ignorance regarding the reconstruction of 7419 Warren revealed a public servant feeling all powerful. When Boyle’s department failed to realize proper permits had not been issued and a zoning variance was required, he bullied residents who had questions or complaints. There have been other instances when the Boyle has broken but the stench is finally reaching Curry.

Curry’s ignorance of “Hostyville” and the Boyle Rules is disturbing. We have another elected official failing this administration. Curry enthralled all with his campaign rhetoric about improving Forest Park’s zoning and building issues while he coveted the leadership of Public Health and Safety. When backed by Accounts and Finance failure Rory Hoskins, Curry got what he wanted and banished Marty Tellalian to supervising sidewalks. Now he is too busy texting or reading the community calendar to represent the village’s safety interests.

“Braveheart” William Wallace was betrayed by the Bruce, and the Boyle will be the downfall of “Community Calendar” Curry! All of Forest Park’s brave hearts unite and scream “Freeeeedommmmmm” from the Boyle Rules!

Tony Sarley
Forest Park

Generous community

On behalf of the Howard Mohr Community Center and the Forest Park Food Pantry, I want to thank the following organizations, businesses and individuals for their very generous donations to our Holiday Basket Program:

Mr. and Mrs. Bud Ames, 2008 Crop Walk; Father Frank, Ann Stauffer and the CCD Class, St. Bernardine Church; Chicago Bulk Mail Center (Forest Park Branch); Disabled American Veterans, Verdun Chapter 33; Mr. Nello Ferrara, Ferrara Pan Candy; Field-Stevenson school, Robert Giovannoni, Diane Dormeyer, Susan Bogdon and all the teachers; First United Church of Christ, Rev. Cliff DiMascio and congregation; Forest Park Aerie No. 1344, Fraternal Order of Eagles; Forest Park Community Education; Forest Park Middle School Builders Club, Forest Park Teacher’s Association; Forest Park VFW Auxiliary No. 7181; United Methodist Women, River Forest United Methodist Church; Joan Brown, Wilma Hudman, Joanne V. Skoufis, Kenneth Gross, Bud Jacknow, Christopher Burke Engineering, Storino, Ramello and Durkin, Illinois Development Services Corp., RHAA. Inc. Howard Mohr Oil Co., Two Fish, Pat Malone and McGaffers Saloon, Bradley A. Stephens, Citizens for May, Wexford, Inc., Del Galdo Law Group, Lakewood Carpentry Services, Citizens for Michael P. McAuliffe, Workers Union, Local #3, Mary Hoffman, Magdalene Smith, St. Peters Church and Judy Jilek, Arlene Sedlock, Dan White, Michael Miller, Forest Park Wal-Mart, Mr. and Mrs. Mellin, Alantra Wilson, Dave Formanski, Theresa Kowalski, Linda Knysch, Sandy Byrnes, Mary Hogan, Lois Calderone, Kathleen Ryan, Joanne Trocci, Steve Knysch, Kelly Cavanaugh, Mike Dowdle, Meghan Dowdle, Jessica Dylewski, Alexa Stisevic, Janet and Ray Paulin, The Flanagans, Geraldine Healy, Amanda Healy, Elizabeth Healy, Jack and Midge Clark, The Custardos, Linda Domke, Amanda Gehrke, Robert Hoskins, Maryann Barger, Robert Hoskins, The Harnett family, Joanne and Cliff Leiber, Eric and Rachel Entler, Jim Pappa, Danny Barron, Greg Castongue, William Gamboney, Aimee Edwards, Sharon Bork, Richard Pokorny, Brian Powers, Patrick Fahey, Daniel Leahy, Chris Manious, Rita Marcantonio, Laura Hogan, George Drucker, Frank Miselli, Richard Bertucci, Sally Cody, Chris Cody, Tommy Cody, Alex Innis, Chief Steve Glinke and the Forest Park Fire Department.

Thank you to Mayor Anthony Calderone for collecting donations and sponsoring our toy drive, and to everyone who donated toys. Whether you donated money, food, gifts or your time, we would not be successful in our efforts with out all the help we receive from everyone. Thanks again and a very happy and healthy New Year to all.

Karen Dylewski
Howard Mohr Community Center