Dear Dawn,

Thank you so much for your letter and handwriting sample. Your writing is heavy, attractive, rightward, legible, disconnected, and very artistic.

Your handwriting is heavy and pasty. Pastiness is the result of the kind of thick, shaded script achieved with a felt tip pen. The fact that you have chosen a felt tip pen is not accidental. Consciously or subconsciously, you feel it allows you to express yourself better.

This pasty writing tells me that you are warm, impressionable, natural, have a sense of humor, and that you are strongly influenced by color, food, music, and art. Sexual and other tactile experiences are important to you, so you are a very sensual and emotional person. You carry the scars of hurt and the feelings of happiness for a long time. You love beauty, elegance, and refinement.

Dawn, you also have a great deal of energy, vitality and tenacity. Your willpower, self-control, and determination are strong, and you have the ability to accept challenges and to make decisions.

Your straight baselines show that you are emotionally stable, dependable and persevering. Your mind disciplines your emotions so you seldom lose self-control.

You are intelligent and have a fluent mind, so you can express yourself well verbally and in writing. You have the ability to think and act smoothly; you are well coordinated and graceful. You are inclined to like music and dance, and you enjoy sports that require precision and timing. Your mental abilities are enhanced by your intuition. You have the ability to sense or feel an idea or an answer through a hunch or premonition, so that you often sense things before they actually happen, and this is another indicator of musical ability.

Dawn, your writing is also large, legible, and has a large middle zone. These large strokes tell me that you are independent, serious, self-reliant, generous, optimistic, and good at detail work. You are practical, realistic, and have a well-balanced outlook on life. You are also honest and sincere.

So, Dawn, your writing shows that you are a cultured, talented, artistic, musical, creative, literary, and athletic person.

My fondest hope for you is that you are able to find positive outlets for all your gifts and talents.

Peace, good luck, and happy Valentine’s Day.