The temperature was not below zero today.

For the first time in months, not everyone was freezing. Sharon and Daniel Lyons took what they hoped would be their last cold walk of the season. They started with lunch at the Harrison Street Café, went to Ferrara’s candy store for dessert and then finished the afternoon off with a brisk walk home in the cold.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our Hallmark store is featuring loads of fresh flowers. Sue Peschke, pretty, but shy, didn’t want to pose for the camera. Scott Schauer obliged and pointed out some of what will be available for the big day.

People friendly – and dog friendly – Schauer Hardware welcomes pets (on a leash, please) and patrons of all ages. Pictured at right, Aiko and Lynn Warwick are getting assistance from Loretta Jantz. Lynn, who will be 2 years old in a few weeks, already knows her shadow, cars, dogs, “more cookies, please” and lots of other stuff.

Our vintage churches are in trouble. Even if you are not a member, it might be a good idea to lend a little support just to keep these old traditions going. Church is one place where you are always welcome. St. Peter’s will celebrate its 110th anniversary this year. Judy Jilek is trying to locate former members so she can put together a list of guests to invite to the celebration on May 17. Worship services will begin at 10:30 in the morning, and plans for the rest of the day will be made known as details become available. If you would like to help, or you know the whereabouts of former members, please contact Judy at 771-7194.

Some of your neighbors will be performing with the Symphony and Chorus of Oak Park and River Forest on Sunday, Feb. 22 at 4 p.m. The chorus, under the direction of William Chin, will perform the Schubert Mass #6. Also on the program will be Charles Pikler of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing Mendelssohn’s violin concerto.

February 11 is Thomas Edison’s birthday, he was born in 1847.

Of course you know the 12th is Lincoln’s birthday. He was the first president to be assassinated. It’s also Charles Darwin’s birthday. The NAACP was founded on this day in 1907.

This year the date happens to Friday the 13th, one of three we will have in 2009. Every year has at least one, but never more than three. Fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia.

February 14, of course, is Valentine’s Day.

February 11 birthdays include, Elisha Apilado, Daniel Marote, Paula Peterson, Tiffany Greenberg, Emmaly Sansone and Carl Grapentine. It’s also the anniversary of Tim and Dorothy Gillian. On Feb. 12, Amelia and Rebecca Huebner have a birthday, as do Michale Paulin and Hailey Reis; on the 13th, Timothy X. Lane, Kyle Vincent Clifton and Valentina Marusk; on Feb. 14, Payton Schmidt will be 2 years old; on the 15th, happy birthday to Marty Redmond, Ethan Flanagan, Julie Xia and Connie Daylo; Feb. 16, Lauren Pardun, Ed Fee, Beth Wojtas, Sammy Anderson and Shelby Adolphson; Feb. 17, Hannah Brown and Judy Jilek.