Congratulations to the local Hemingway volunteers, who enjoyed a nice dinner held in their honor last week at the Ernest Hemingway Foundation in Oak Park. The volunteers are Aaron Atwood, Kathryn Atwood, Mary Hollander, Erik Hollander, Andrea Fielder, Robin Kroupa and Victoria Grace Pierce. Without volunteers the world would have to shut down, I think.

Forest Park loves its dogs, especially the unfortunate ones. Bridget and James Payseur have adopted a gentle greyhound named Kiba. Kiba glides down the street like a ballet dancer. He has many friends who would also like to be adopted.

James is a student in economics at Northeastern Illinois University; Bridget is studying microbiology at UIC. They have arranged their schedules so that one of them is always home with Kiba, who is still a bit shy.

For more information on adopting a greyhound, contact Greyhounds Only Adoption in Carol Stream, Ill., at 775-297-GREY, and online at If you take in a greyhound you will have a lovable, gentle friend for life.

On Feb. 26, wish a happy birthday to Joseph and Jillian Tricoci , David Licht, Dan Criscione, Patrick Dornecker and Susan Rehore; on the 27th, Diane Janopoulis, Arthur Kazar, Connor Sullivan, Gina Pardun and Norris Killian; on the 28th, Aaron Rada, Christ Borzello and Kristine Quintana.

Rosemary Besich is a Leap Year baby, but it’s not a Leap Year. You can still wish her a happy birthday, though.

March 1 is the birthday of Geri Kowalski, Kim Reina, Roland Scott and Billy Brown. On March 2, Lucy and Joe Gianelli celebrate an anniversary. The 2nd is also the birthday of Heather Babcock, Joe Breseman, Diannemarie Williams and Grace Spence; March 3, Edith Scheiwe, Jill Smentek, Rich Green, David Rodenbostel, Brandon Thompson and Barbara Coleman; on the 4th, Vicki Fipinger and Christian Schremser; March 5, Jeremy Loll, Tara Cassiani, Speedy Christiansen, Grant Heyer, Jennifer Deering and Tevian Russell.

I owe a belated birthday wish to Christopher Thornton, who celebrated on Feb. 24. I also owe an apology to the friends and family of the belated Bill Dunne, to whom I extended a birthday wish last week.

On Feb. 25 the annual Strawberry Festival begins in Florida.

On Feb. 26, Levi Strauss made the first pair of jeans, which were constructed for gold miners, in 1849.

On the 27th, Fats Domino was born in 1928; Marian Anderson in 1897; James T. Farrell in 1904; and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1807.

On the 28th, architect Frank Gehry was born in 1926.

March 1 is Beer Day in Reykjavik, Iceland. The Lindberg baby was kidnapped on this day in 1932. March 1 is also Pig Day in Lubbock, Texas.

March 2 is the beginning of National Procrastination Week, unless it’s postponed.