Congratulations to literacy volunteers Sylvia Flory, Rose Crough and Karen Burd, who will be helping a group of adults who are anxious to learn to read. Illiteracy among adults in the U.S. is not entirely uncommon, and there are enthusiastic readers who would like to help them.

The Forest Park Public Library is especially anxious to get non-readers into its program. Our library is also well equipped with materials. So, if you know a non-reader or a reader with limited abilities, recommend them to this program, or call the headquarters in Oak Park at 848-8499 and you will be able assisted by Yvette Miller or Tiffany Morgan.

About 30 years ago, Midge Fielden‘s husband, Eric, was undergoing dialysis at the Hannah and Adams dialysis center. At the same time, Jack Clark‘s wife, Lorraine, was also receiving treatment there. Eric and Lorraine died, leaving Midge and Jack alone.

So, the two of them began dating, got married and began 30 beautiful years together.

Jack was more than a father to Midge’s four kids, Gail, Laurie, Lynn and Eddie. The family lived through sad, happy, tragic and exciting times together. Young Gail’s death was one such tragedy. Now the death of Jack is one that Midge, her kids and grandchildren will have to live through. Jack Clark was a good man, a good friend and a good neighbor. Forest Park will sorely miss him.

Another familiar face around Forest Park, though he lived in River Forest, was Dr. Ed Leibner, a radiologist with the Cook County tuberculosis sanitarium at Jackson and Desplaines. Dr. Leibner recently retired, so he and his wife, Mary, traveled, attended concerts, lectures, luncheons, dinners – whatever was going on. While attending an elder hostel in Lake Geneva last week, Dr. Leibner suffered a fatal heart attack. He, too, will be missed by many.

Loretta Jantz has a birthday on March 11, as do Ruth Lossow and Paul Gustafson. March 11 is also the anniversary of Jodi and Peter Gianakopoulos. On the 12th, Connor Grimes will be 11 years old, and Davion Barr also has a birthday; on the 13th, Fritz and Suzanne Kloess celebrate their 16th anniversary, and Terry Meffley has a birthday. On the 14th, Geri Leninger, Ted Fox and Tom Pingel; March 15, Ryan Warwick, Coralee Johnson and Ethan Flanagan have birthdays, and anniversary greetings to Isabel and Bob Fox. On the 16th, Jessica Conrad, Vandria Stevens, Kathleen Pacudan; March 17, John Costello, Matt Lyons, Morgan Rae Vovornik, Sarah Buzanski, Maya Reese Keppner; March 18, Ken Jasper, Dino Panzani, Kevin Sallerwaite, Katie Miller, Tiffany Cecilia and Helen Williams.