A Chicago police officer led local authorities to a suspected drug user after he allegedly saw the suspect using cocaine in a men’s room at a Madison Street bar.

Joseph Rostkowski, 25, of Chicago, was taken into custody several hours after the March 7 St. Patrick’s Day parade. According to a department report, a half-dozen officers responded to a disturbance call at Mugsy’s, 7640 Madison, when the Chicago officer dialed 911. The officer, whose name was not disclosed by local authorities, reported to Forest Park police that he had walked in on Rostkowski and another man snorting the drug from a plastic bag.

When the officer identified himself and ordered Rostkowski to drop the bag and step out of the bathroom, Rostkowski allegedly threatened to beat the officer. It was at this point that local authorities were called.

Forest Park police interviewed both men and then went into the bathroom and found a plastic bag with a small quantity of cocaine inside it, according to the report. Authorities allegedly recovered another small bag of the drug from Rostkowski’s wallet. Rostkowski’s alleged accomplice could not be located.

Rostkowski was charged with felony drug possession and simple assault for allegedly threatening to harm the Chicago officer.

Headed for the impound

Two vehicles believed to have been abandoned were tagged by local police to be towed, according to department records.

One of the cars, a red Chevrolet Lumina parked outside of 8288 Roosevelt, has been occupying two parking spaces for at least two weeks.

A beige Buick Riviera outside of 1116 Hannah has been in the same spot for at least a year, according to police.

Description nabs assailant

A woman who told police that she was assaulted at the train station at 711 Desplaines was later able to identify the man who struck her, according to police, after authorities visited the el station armed with a description of the assailant.

At about 6 p.m. on March 7, police responded to a Laundromat near the station where the woman had fled to use the phone. According to police, she was still quite distraught and described being punched in the head twice by a man whom she judged to be homeless.

After taking a description of the man and his clothing, police went to the el station to find him. Edward C. Stevenson, 36, of Maywood, allegedly fit the bill.

Stevenson denied striking the woman, but reportedly told police he remembered bumping into a woman at the station. He was taken into custody for battery.

Drug suspect caught with straw

A Forest Park man was arrested at the corner of Monroe and Desplaines for allegedly snorting cocaine in a car parked outside a nearby bar.

According to a department report, an officer walking past the area saw two men get into a parked car about 2 p.m. on March 7. One of the men, 61-year-old Wayne Dougherty, then pushed a green straw into his nose, apparently inhaling something in his hand, according to police.

With additional officers at the scene, Dougherty was asked to step out of the car, and as he did so, allegedly dropped the straw to the ground. No other drugs were found in the car and the second man in the vehicle was released without charges. A test of the residue in the straw reportedly came back positive for cocaine.

“When I told Dougherty about the test results, he smiled and said, ‘shucks,'” according to police.

He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Gang ties fuel alleged fight

Shortly after 5 p.m. on March 8, police were called to the intersection of Roosevelt and Circle where a fight had reportedly erupted. But when police canvassed the area, they did not find the alleged victim, and no one called the department to report having been assaulted.

Two 911 calls were received by dispatchers describing a dark Oldsmobile heading east and carrying two men who may have been involved. A car matching that description was stopped on Harlem near the intersection with Garfield in Oak Park. The driver allegedly told police that they had been involved in a fight, which he claimed was prompted by the alleged victim. While driving through the area, they saw the alleged victim flashing gang signs and then toss an object at their car.

The driver and the passenger were arrested on disorderly conduct charges. The passenger, 19-year-old Erick Valdez, of Cicero, “is a self-admitted member of the Latin Counts street gang,” according to police.

These items were taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between March 1 and March 8, and represent only a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not been adjudicated.

-Compiled by Josh Adams

Tip hotline

Anyone with information regarding the cases mentioned in this report, or on another matter, is encouraged to contact the Forest Park police department’s hotline at 708-615-6239. Information may be left anonymously.