Hopefully, readers notice something in this issue of the Review that lifts their mood a bit. We’re not talking about any specific item in the paper, rather that there are several stories worth grabbing hold of; especially if you’re growing weary from all that there is to be weary of.

Save for a police investigation into who’s responsible for an outbreak of commercial burglaries, there is much to be excited about in Forest Park this week. There are several businesses attempting to gain a foothold in town, and some of them look like a lot of fun.

At a zoning board meeting held March 16, the community learned that rumors of a pizza parlor opening at the corner of Madison and Desplaines have taken a big step forward. The new restaurant expects to have a full-service bar – and we could all use a drink – or you can grab your pie and head home for an inexpensive night in with the family.

Anyone who has been on Madison of late should have noticed what may be the funkiest store in town. Cyklopx looks like a gold mine of kitschy, weird stuff and further solidifies Forest Park’s status as the coolest in the tri-village area. Impulse buyers beware: You may not have enough money for pizza if you shop here first.

Less visible but definitely worth noting is the police department’s success in securing a little money from the federal government. Sure, we all say pork should be cut from our diets, but it sure looks appetizing when there’s a slice on your plate.

On the charitable front, several business owners and residents turned out in support of an annual event at Circle Lanes to raise money for Oak-Leyden Developmental Services. This outfit serves children and adults with special needs, and teaches family members how to help. An absolutely worthy cause. Those who contributed should be proud.

There is also good news in our schools.

An interesting partnership with a school in Mallow, Ireland, allows students to adopt classmates from a different country. Not only does it sound fun, but good things happen when we’re exposed to different cultures and develop an understanding of the world beyond what is right in front of us. There were a lot of hands that helped make this happen, which is something in and of itself to be proud of.

Also school related, the superintendent of District 91 got a quite positive review from the school board. To his credit, Lou Cavallo has been aggressive in looking for ways to better the classrooms, but this evaluation says as much about the ambitions of this school board as it does its administrator. There is good work being done here.

Oh, we almost forgot one other thing that should bring a smile to everyone’s face – spring is just around the corner.