Sound picks in Proviso race

Congratulations to the Review in its endorsement for District 209 school board. This is one voter very happy with your decision. Though, as a candidate, I was not part of the decision, I am pleased and excited for Arbdella Patterson, Rebecca Smith and Kevin McDermott. As we are a part of a team to bring change to the board, this will go well with our efforts.

My decision to not participate was due to time constraints. To the candidacy itself, I am not running on any educational or business experience but as a citizen and parent who has addressed many issues regarding the board’s policies, agendas, funding for curriculum improvement, staff retention and the district’s high school bands. I have done this while attending nearly every board meeting over the past three years. My reason for running is threefold: under-funding of curriculum and instruction due to reckless spending, a lack of focus on academic improvement and lack of leadership, accountability and transparency. All of this has come under the watch of the current board.

Our goal to resolve these issues, as a team, comes down to a complete review of the budget and allocating funds to programs for curriculum improvement and teaching strategies. This will help as we work with the superintendent, principals and administration to improve grade level averages to 20 percent or better in four years. This will involve interaction with the schools that feed into the high schools, and has to be a priority. We expect to monitor this aggressively and inform the district’s citizens of the progress while we put to use their concerns and ideas.

To this end we will restore financial responsibility, academic success and accountability.

Carlos Anderson
District 209 school board candidate

Entler can do it

Our wonderful parks face many new challenges while trying to resolve longstanding problems. Tough times, but exciting opportunities. After reading his writings and speaking to him, I strongly believe Eric Entler is the best choice for commissioner for park district.

Entler brings a unique and powerful combination of skills and experience to this position. He has deep roots in our village, so knows our history and our residents well. He also has direct knowledge of our parks as an intense lifelong user. Entler’s strong business background will be essential to leverage efficiencies in programming and land use. He is particularly interested in using the power of the Internet more creatively to communicate and market park classes and events. His professional experience in talent selection and development reveals strong people and team building skills.

Entler has the right perspective on two issues of great importance to me: 1) procuring the Roos for the district, if at all feasible and 2) building appropriate programs for our teenagers. He presently serves on the youth commission and awaits the results of the localized Jordan Foundation study on teen recreation programming and also supports the double use of our ice skating rink to also serve as an inline skate rink.

Looks like a homerun to me. Vote Entler, April 7.

Sharon Daly
Forest Park

Integrity, not money

Before print journalism as we know it collapses motionless at our ankles, I sincerely hope that your paper take some time and focus in pursuing the connected, the corrupt, the politically paid off as well as the uncharacteristically quiet representatives who parade about Cook County and Proviso behind banners of festivity.

Should luck and providence allow you to survive online while paper extinct, do so from an investigative reporter’s conscience and not from an advertiser’s bankroll.

Mike Garman
Forest Park

Proviso reform

On April 7, the voters of Forest Park, and all of Proviso Township, will once again have the opportunity to effect change in the way our government and our schools are run. The candidates of the Proviso Progressive Party will be one of your choices on the April 7 ballot. As a Proviso Progressive Party candidate for trustee, I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your support.

For far too long, our township government has been mismanaged. The township incumbents, lead by Chris Welch, have consistently placed politics, personal profit and self interest above education, public service and fiscal responsibility. On April 7 you, the voters and taxpayers of Proviso Township, will have the opportunity to put an end to Welch’s rein of incompetence. With your support, the Proviso Progressive Party will return township government and the education of our children to its rightful owners, the people of Proviso Township.

To find out more about our platform and view a list of progressive candidates, please visit our Web site at Make April 7 Opportunity Day, vote Progressive!

Patrick Doolin
Forest Park,
Proviso Township trustee candidate

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