It will be a sad day for St. Bernardine’s and Forest Park when Father Pat Tucker leaves sometime in late June. Every so often the Cardinal reshuffles the deck, and it is time for Fr. Tucker to join his next parish. We wish him the very best of all life can give, and thank him for his many years of service to this town.

Tucker gave a brief grace and assisted Marie Spence at the Women’s Club dinner last Thursday. It was a gala evening with the ladies sparkling in their finery and greeting friends not seen since the early days of our gray, cold winter. Those who modeled clothing from Dee Dee & Edee and Heels Boutique were stunning, and represented all ages and shapes. Patty Marino, Katie O’Malley, Blanch Scodinus, Anne Stauffer and Jennifer Zarosl were better than professionals. Anne Stauffer won the hero of the evening award for gliding down the runway on aching feet. She had foot surgery the following day.

Forest Park’s own Megan Nutley designed the programs, and Christine Dunaway was in charge of reservations and figuring out the logistics of seating. Chairpersons Mary Sullivan and Lisa Gill, and all who worked with them, deserve a big round of applause for a job well done.

Julie Doloszyicki wants prayers for her brother, Michael, who will be undergoing a kidney transplant as you read this. He is also on a waiting list for a pancreas. Mike has had years of health problems.

In the photo, Julie Gordon and Therese Fitzpatrick catch up on some news as Julie sells raffle tickets. Jean Weiler, also a member of the raffle committee, chats with some friends she hadn’t seen since the snow first arrived.

April Fool’s birthday celebrants are Dolores Holub and Fabrizio Cirrintano; on April 2, Jessica McIlquhamj, Ian Hitre, Matthew Novak and Matt Espinoza; on the 3rd of April, Jim McGuin, Todd Bower, Nick Novak, Mayor Tony Calderone, Dorothy Calderone, Ryan Tomoso, Kyler Pacyga; on April 4, Roseanne McGuin, Joe McGuine, Maura Flanagan, Lorraine Crowley, Dorothy Bentel; on April 5, happy birthday to Nick Tricoci, Rick Barger, Joe Bugajsky, Rich Schauer, Bill Freeman, Vito Gabino and Jon Leganski; on the 6th, Jeanette Gerger, Mitzi DeVilbis, Tom Collis and Isabel Rossi; April 7, Tricia Curry, Nicholas Lang, David Thompson, Bradley Fipinger and Lee Huynh.

In the year 1564, the calendar was altered to make Jan. 1 the first day of the year. April 1 had been the start of each year. People who insisted on calling April 1 the New Year were thought to be fools. Jokes and tricks were played on them.

The Feast of Fools is an old concept having been celebrated since medieval times. Mean spirited people sent the unsuspecting on frivolous errands, and ordered them to do meaningless tasks. In Bulgaria, it is celebrated as St. Lazarus Day and young girls honor the goddesses of love and spring.

April is Pet Awareness month, Jazz Appreciation month and Child Abuse Prevention month.

The U.S. Air Force Academy was established in Colorado Springs in 1954 under the direction of Dwight Eisenhower.

On April 2, we observe the birthday of children’s author Hans Christian Andersen and Casanova, a writer, librarian, seminarian, rogue, philander, adventurer, soldier and spy.

On April 3, 1944, blacks were given the right to vote.

April 3, 1860, marked the beginning of the Pony Express from St. Joe, Mo., to Sacramento, Cal.

On April 4 in 1964, the Beatles took over the music charts.