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Voters are treading lightly today with one precinct drawing only 10 voters by midday.

“Compared to the last election, yeah,” Yvonne Davis, an election judge, said of the turnout. “Maybe they’ll come out when they get off work.”

Davis was assisting residents of the 66th precinct where, by noon, only 64 ballots had been cast. This election marks Davis’s sixth, she said, and is shaping up to be one of the slowest yet.

At Betsy Ross Elementary, where voters in the 76th precinct weighed in, only 10 ballots had been completed.

Forest Parkers arguably had little reason to turn out in droves for this election, with only a few locally contested races. The park district is perhaps the most exciting contest, and offers three candidates vying for a single seat. However, there are few points of contention in the park district and the candidates have praised one another as being worthy of election.

Four seats on the District 91 school board are also on the ballot today, though each incumbent is running unopposed.

A referendum asks whether an additional dollar per month should be charged to traditional telephone lines, and there is a smattering of local faces in the township races.

In District 209, there is plenty of political theater to consider, and nine candidates are running for four seats on that school board.

For updates throughout the evening on these races, the race for park district commissioner and on the 911 referendum, keep checking back with the Review at www.ForestParkReview.com.

Election results

Tallies of Tuesday’s voting will make waves across Proviso Township and, more specifically, here in Forest Park. To find out whether a newbie won a seat on the park district board, or if traditional telephone lines will be assessed another $1 per month, see the Review’s election coverage online later tonight.