Forest Park has its own Portuguese Water Dog, you know. Maggie, a distant cousin of Bo Obama, has been admired around here for several years. Her love of water is legendary; in fact she will even try to take a dip in her water dish. Maggie is a private dog and doesn’t want too much publicity. She has no interest in breeding and advises admirers to adopt one of her cousins from an animal rescue center. Yes, there are Portuguese Water Dog rescues.

Belated congratulations to parents Marc and Amy Rossi on the birth of baby Esther Lynn Rossi, who was born March 19, 2009. Baby Esther has lots of company at home with sisters Isabel, Cecilia and Hazel Anne, and brothers Samuel and Jonathon to play with. Grandparents of the baby are Dianne Eggers, and Sharon and Ken Crawford.

It’s happy 45th anniversary to Wayne and Sandy Schauer on April 25!

Speedy get well to Minnie Maxwell, now home from Rush Oak Park Hospital, to Vicki Panzani, now home from MacNeil Hospital, and to Joanne Jantz, also on the mend after a stay at Rush.

Welcome home from Afghanistan to Larry Foster. Larry sings with the Harlem Maennerchor and the singers welcomed him home with a very grand party April 18.

Tom Kelm died an untimely death, and his friends and family deserve our sympathy. Tom’s dog, Poochie, will miss him the most, but Tom’s friends have given Poochie a loving home. Many old timers will remember Tom’s mother, Elsie Kelm, who had a studio on Madison Street where she taught arts and crafts. His dad, the most handsome mailman in Forest Park at the time, Bill Kelm, was loved by everyone who knew him.

A rare treat awaits you this Sunday, April 26, at 4 pm. at First United Church, 848 Lake St. in Oak Park. The Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest will perform the Bruckner 8th Symphony. Jay Friedman of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is the music director. For information call 708-218-2648 or visit

For you political conservatives out there, a fascinating book is in the works. It’s a biography of Antonin Scalia, considered by some to be the most fascinating justice in our Supreme Court. This outspoken jurist is a man of broad interests. He is also the most quoted member of the sitting court. The book, American Original, should be available to Centuries & Sleuths by November.

Happy birthday to Reagan Doolin on April 22; on the 23rd, happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Oswalt, and to Nicole and Drew Carter (who now live in England); on April 24, Sue and Rich Bothie have an anniversary and birthdays are celebrated by Daniel Hawkins, Joe Dorneker, Katie Kelly, Tina Li, April Moroney and Luke Boher; on the 25th, Ann Childs, Art Grams, Annette Pardun, Jon Olmstead and Cindy Fischer. On April 26, Kyle Littlejohn will be 4 years old; on the 27th, Mary Monaghan and John Boy have a birthday; on the 28th, Matt Radkiewicz, Tom Cody and Pat Doss celebrate birthdays while Mike and Joan Bigos have an anniversary.

This year’s Kiwanis dinner will be held on May 16 at the Howard Mohr Community Center. Mark your calendar. This Kiwanis treat is always a big hit on the town’s social calendar. It’s just $5 for adults. Gaetano donates the pasta and sauces (gravies), Louie furnishes the salad. It all begins at 5 p.m. Call 708-366-0650 for more details.

Good to be home: Larry Foster (back row, center), returned from a tour in Afghanistan recently and was welcomed by members of the Harlem Maennerchor during an April 18 party. FRANK PINC/Staff Photographer