Our “honey man,” Web Musgrave, is enjoying his retirement devoting his life to his hobby, raising bees. Mr. Musgrave served in the Navy in communications during WWII. He helped dig the foundation for Orly Airport in Paris, worked at various professions back in the states, married, has two daughters and now raises bees.

So what happened to all the bees? Queen bees are being artificially inseminated to form new swarms. How healthy the offspring are remains to be seen. Rarely are hives found in the wild as they once were. But Web sits in the sun, greets passersby and drives around to visit his hives.

Dr. Phyllis Orland was the star at her 90th birthday party a few weeks ago. About a hundred of her colleagues, relatives, former neighbors and friends gathered at the British Home to pay tribute to this most remarkable lady. Her daughter, June, and sons, Frank and Ralph, are carrying on the Orland tradition of excellence and service.

We waited long enough for this spring flower show. Here are a few colorful examples of the rewards of planting a tree. Maybe the flowering bushes and trees last only a short time, but, like youth itself, it’s worth it.

When donating your unwanted books to the library for the annual book sale, please remember that old textbooks are not wanted. The sale will be June 12 and June 13.

Happy birthday to Pat Doss on April 29, and to Angie Ventrella. Brandi and Rob Mintz have an anniversary that day as well. On April 30, Tom Hawkins has a birthday, and Debbie and Bill Schaubel celebrate an anniversary. On May 1, Irene Kelso will be 101 years old! Emily Fjelstad will be 11, and Larry and Pete Geraci have a birthday on May 1, as well. On May 2, Karen Hawkins, Kate Schultz, Alexander Zaverdas, Marie Giannelli; May 3, Phil Blum; on the 4th, Mary Jane Gimes; May 5, Sarah Ann Bothie.

April 29 is the birthday of Duke Ellington, who wrote more then 1,000 pieces of music. In Japan the Golden Week begins.

On April 30, Bugs Bunny began in 1938, but his famous line, “What’s up Doc?” wasn’t uttered until 1940. The Louisiana Purchase was completed on this date, and was one of the best real estate deals in history – some 820,000-square miles for $15 million.

On May 1, Citizen Kane premiered in 1941; the world’s first skyscraper was begun in Chicago in 1884. The 10-story steel frame was completed in 1885, then demolished in 1931. May 1 is also the day to get out your Maypole and do a dance with your neighbors. Why not? People have been doing it since ancient times.

On May 2, the Tulip Festival in Holland, Mich., gets underway, and the Kentucky Derby will be run.

On May 3, Leonardo daVinci died in 1519. It’s also the anniversary of when four Vietnam War protesters were shot and killed at Kent State.