Congratulations to the Friends of the Forest Park Library champion spellers, Ruth Loyd, Eleanor Locati and Marge Zwadlo. They didn’t come in first, but the word they missed was, in my opinion, the most difficult word in the contest – “chauvinism.” Everybody wanted to put an “e” in there.

Special honors in the spelling competition go to the “young doctors.” Three young interns, natives of Libya, were brave just to enter. I doubt if any of us would have considered entering a spelling contest in Arabic. This year’s winner was the Holley Court team. The killer word was “embarrass.” A few other words that sent teams off to the showers were “curmudgeon,” “chrysanthemum” and “baccalaureate.”

Middle school students held a car wash to benefit the softball team last Saturday, May 2. Maddie, the black lab, made sure everyone kept busy.

Fun money: Middle school students held a car wash on Saturday to help the softball team. They had help from Teachers Michelle Gossett (pictured, center), Gavin Watts and Maddie, the black lab. JACKIE SCHULZ/Contributor

Teachers Michelle Gossett and Gavin Watts worked alongside the other car washers: Brittney Jones, Beverly Cobbs, Danielle Lemons, Felicia Walker, Jacqueline Evens, Kyra Green, Kendall Love, Samarra Adams, Lisa Horn, Regan Doolin, Megan Braniff, Emily Mott, Cheyenne Durham, Edna Roave and Jane Quick.

This Saturday, May 9, is the full moon. The Native American Indians of the Great Lakes region called this the Flower Moon because of the great abundance of flowering trees, shrubs, spring flowers everywhere. And never more welcome than this year.

Oops, it happened again. I made a mistake. The pasta dinner on May 16 is $8 for adults. Still, it’s an unbelievable bargain for Gaetano’s scrumptious pasta with sauces, a salad and dessert. The dinner begins at 5 p.m. It’s a fine place to see your neighbors after the long, gray winter.

May 6, 1915, was the day Babe Ruth hit his first home run. Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile in 1954 with a time of 3:59. It’s also the date of the Hindenburg disaster in 1907 over Lakehurst, N.J.

It’s National Nurses Week and George Clooney was born May 6.

On the 7th, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony premiered in Vienna in 1824; the Lusitania sank in 1915; and Harry Truman was born on this date in 1884.

On May 9, abolitionist John Brown was hanged at Harpers Ferry.

On May 10, the golden spike was driven at Promontory Point, Utah. It united the Union Pacific railroad with the Central Pacific. Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa in 1994.

On May 11, it’s Limerick a Day. This was the idea of Edward Lear.

There was a young poet named Lear

Who said it is just as I fear

Five lines are enough

For this kind of stuff

Make a limerick each day for a year

May 6 is the birthday of Shirell Mollo; the 7th, Erin Casey, Ashley Kanelos and Chantel Kamm; on May 8, special happy birthday to Dorothy Tricoci; on the 9th, to Becky Marcantonio and Carrie Schwebl; May 10, Carol Dwyer, Kylie Earing, and happy anniversary to Bob and June Isslehard, and Ellen and Mario O’Connor. On the 11th, birthday greetings to Tracie Karlin, L.A. Goodman, John V. Grimes, Lorraine Boy and Taylor Hollis.