But an ending is almost always the beginning of something else. So, as Christina Li‘s sad goodbyes are said at Walther Academy, new adventures await in Boston. Christina, whose Chinese name is Li Lu, is pictured here saying goodbye to her friends Amy Bahee, Ian Brown and American bulldog, Maggie.

It was a bright and happy evening, despite the weather, at McAdams during the Chamber of Commerce and Development’s annual meeting. Just look at the sunny smiles on Jack Vainisi and Marion Flight. Laurie Kokenes has inherited her father’s ability to emcee, but without the corny jokes he used to tell. (Sometimes Bob Haeger was the only one in the room who thought those jokes were funny.)

Two other much loved, familiar faces are Tina Speaker and Suzie Fischman from Louie’s Grill. Tina and Suzie smile and pour more coffee for you from early in the morning until late afternoon.

Congratulations to Farina Imam Siddiqui, beautiful young Forest Park woman who will be Dr. Siddiqui, DDS after this week. Farina will graduate from U of I Dental School and begin practicing right away.

Ann Grant will also graduate from U of I. She is in the school of nursing.

Dr. Siddiqui said almost half the graduating class of dentists this year is female.

You too can become smart enough to become a dentist, a doctor or a lawyer. Just read, read, read. And you can get a head start by buying some excellent books for cheap at the library’s book sale June 12 and June 13 from 9 a.m. until about 4:45 p.m. Donations for the book sale are accepted downstairs, but please, no catalogs, encyclopedia sets, newspapers, news magazines, condensed books or textbooks. For more information call the library at 771-7171.

Happy birthday time for Lori Coughlin, Mary Ann Geraci, Ed O’Shea and Tyler Kuttnauer, and happy anniversary to Robin and Vince Cirrintano; on the 14th, Andy Madden, Yvette Manos; May 15 is Dave Novak‘s, Danielle Boy‘s and Molly Adamson‘s birthday; the 16th, Diane and Joe Hoffman have an anniversary, and Lisa Novak, Sara Neubeiser, Sue Lyons and Audrey Kaczmarek have a birthday. Bob and Lisa Kowalski also have an anniversary May 16. On May 17, Jason Webb has a birthday and Saint Peter’s Church celebrates 110 years. On the 18th, happy birthday to Carl Schwebl, Shelly Rambeau, Mikela Brown and Peg O’Connell; on the 19th, Jonas Wojtas has a birthday; and congratulations to Lyn Scollard, who is a newly minted grandma.