It’s always nice to see reasonable people work together in a way that benefits everyone – especially when the whole thing is being paid for by taxpayers.

Forest Park’s public schools were able to save more than $87,000 in insurance premiums thanks to a respectful and congenial relationship between administrators and educators in the district. Employees have consented to absorb a little more in out-of-pocket expenses, and the brass had the wherewithal to talk with its health insurance broker on how to save money. As taxpayers in this community know, the increased costs could have been viewed as an inevitability (we’re looking at you, Proviso Township high schools).

It’s also encouraging to learn that members of the teachers’ union are cognizant of the fact that private-sector employees are nervous and in many cases, short on cash. Union leader Rebecca Ciardullo smartly recognized that parents and community members might have been upset to see teachers dig their heels in at a time when many are hanging on by their fingertips.

To everyone involved in the recent insurance negotiations in District 91: congratulations, and thank you.