First reported 5/7/2009 5:02 p.m.

Commissioner Mark Hosty, whose recent home remodeling effort violated local regulations, was recognized by a local business group for doing outstanding work on his house.

During its annual meeting May 6, the Chamber of Commerce and Development handed out its PRIDE Awards. The recognition goes annually to property owners who make significant improvements to residential and commercial buildings. The executive director of the chamber said she was not certain who nominated Hosty’s home for the award.

“The property was chosen for an award because of the significant investment in and restoration of the 110-year-old farm house,” said Laurie Kokenes, the chamber director in an e-mail.

Hosty and his wife, who live at 7419 Warren, were one of six recipients in the residential property category.

In September, a contractor hired by Hosty made changes to the home’s roof line without having received a building permit from the village. Also, relief from Forest Park’s zoning code should have been obtained because the home sits too near a property line. Hosty has said he was out of town when the infraction occurred.

Other winning homesteads in the chamber’s contest include: 442 Circle Ave., 529 Beloit Ave., 918 Troost Ave., 106 Rockford Ave. and 1015 Thomas Ave.

In the category of commercial properties, winners include: Tim Anderson at Focus Development and Stacy Taxman at Taxman Corporation for their work on the Residences at the Grove; Maureen and Kevin Harnett of the Zimmerman-Harnett Funeral Home; Matt and Connie Brown of Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor; Tim Polk of Casa de Puros; Chris Geoghan of Moss Modern Flowers; and Kimberly Bulava-Devoney and William Devoney of Paciugo.