Here’s a little post script to last week’s coverage of the 110th anniversary of Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church:

Some venerable and faithful members were mentioned during the celebratory service, such as Loretta Woeltje. Loretta has lived most of her 90 years here in town and has been a member of St. Peter’s all that time. Here, Loretta is shown with some new friends, Penny Jucatis, Jeredene Wiley and Monica Thomas. Lisa Becker Grimes and two of her three children are shown, the lovely young lady who looks just like her mother is Mary Jane Grimes, and the handsome young man is Connor Grimes. John Grimes Sr. and John Grimes Jr. had a baseball game scheduled and were unable to get to the celebration at Jimmy’s.

Judy Jilek deserves great praise for her organizational skills and hard work in organizing that anniversary celebration. Congratulations to Pastor Audree Catalano as well. That lady has led quite an interesting life. Commissioner Marty Tellalian honored the church and our village by his attendance at the celebration. It was indeed an ecumenical Sunday.

Shirley and Jack Christell are justly proud of daughter Val‘s latest artistic accomplishment. One of her paintings has been chosen to hang in the Milwaukee Art Museum. If you haven’t been to that museum, you are in for an experience that will truly amaze you. The museum is located right on Lake Michigan and has wings on the roof that open out like huge sails. Go see it.

Shirley Dring was back home for a recent afternoon. She celebrated her May 21 birthday in Switzerland and then went off to Paris. She and her old friends, Dixie Paugh and Nedra Wentland reminisced about old times and old friends.

Congratulations to Jim Payseur, who graduated cum laude from U of I last week.

Frank Salamone, a local banker, has every reason to be proud of his daughter, Mia Salamone. She just earned a handful of scholarships to attend college in St. Louis.

A gorgeous Forest Parker by the name of Sarah Tracy Martin got hitched this month to a good looking guy from LaSalle. Folks may recognize her as a third-grade teacher in Oak Park. The two were in Jamaica for their wedding, and 45 of their friends and family were there to celebrate. The groom is Gerry Alan Lorenzi. The mother of the bride, Andrea Martin-Pieler, is a Brookfield resident, and dad, John Martin, lives right here. The groom’s family hails from LaSalle. The happy couple will make their home in Chicago.

Suzie Creamcheese, a dog of questionable parentage – though most agree she is a Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever – attended dog night at U.S. Cellular Field (Comiskey Park to a southsider). Suzie got a Sox hat but refuses to be photographed in it. She was impressed by the good behavior of all the dogs there that night.

Welcome to Forest Park, and to the world, to Claire Sydney Hansen, who was born May 14. Her parents are Julie and Matt Hansen. Her big brother is 2-year-old Ian.

It surely does not seem fair that after all those long, dreary, cold winter months that May should have slipped by so quickly. But it did and now we’re into June birthdays already.

On May 27, happy birthday to Lauren Arnieri, Margaret Rohde and Paul Schlichting; on the 28th, Dermot Casey, Tom Aftanas, Jim Collis, Keionne Maughm, Adam Stahlke; May 29, Michelle Collis, Shirley Hamilton; May 30, Doris Knapp, Tara Cassiani, Jim Watts, Dan Watts, Lynda Holmes, Kevin Cappolino; on the 31st, Dan Goodman, Pauline Coyne, Mike Bigo, Therese Giglio, Paityn Frances Formanski, Shirley Haeger, Tyler Fink; June 1, Tony Sarley and Jack Pingel get a birthday wish; on the 2nd of June, Ian Hansen will be 2 years old, and Nancy Brod, Steve Huebner and Nicole Rice also get a birthday wish; on June 3, Christy Cesario, Lucian Duhem, Janeen Dunst and Daniari Dejuiera.