Faulty lease is reason for The Spot’s departure

I am writing in regards to your recent article entitled, “Embattled pet boutique forced to move; Condo clause wipes The Spot off Madison.” I do not in any way feel that certain important facts were conveyed to the reader. While you gave credence to the condo association clause, you mentioned nothing of the additional fact that this entire scenario would have never happened if the landlord hadn’t breached the lease which clearly provides that a permitted use under the lease is, “dog product retail sales and dog daycare and boarding.” [lease par. 6.01 (a)].

I would like everyone to know that I was not only fully willing, but quite delighted with the fact that my lease says I would be here for a minimum of five years – till Dec. 31, 2013. On that note, I would have gladly signed the extension that was offered to me for an additional 10 years (extended for an additional 10 years until Dec. 31, 2023). I love this corner, I love being in Forest Park! I’m comfortable here, the visibility is great, and the clientele I’ve acquired here in Forest Park has been very welcoming.

I was more than ecstatic to see the people who live here writing letters in favor of my business to the town when the zoning issue arose. And further, the town of Forest Park’s government expressed its enthusiasm for my establishment when it was time to vote. Nowhere in your story does it tell the people of Forest Park that I’m being forced to leave because of my landlord’s breach. Your story inadvertently made it sound like I’m happy about this “eviction” – which I most certainly am not. This proposed “eviction” will create financial hardship on me, and greatly inconvenience my customers (for whom I love and am devoted to).

In plain English, my lease seems to be in “violation” of the condo association’s condo declarations. My space is owned by people who negligently (or intentionally) entered into a lease with me in violation of the condo declarations (of which I then and still know nothing about). If the lease didn’t clearly and explicitly provide for my “permitted use” then I never would have invested the time and money I did into this space. Again, I want it to be known to the public that I am not happy about this “eviction” at all and am being forced to move and incur tremendous financial hardship through no fault of my own.

Furthermore, if the proper soundproofing was done by Team Blonde as they promised they were going to do, then in all reality, it is possible the other condo owners would have not gotten upset about the noise and decided to enforce the “rule” about not having animals in the building. But, the landlord didn’t follow through with their promise they made to the other residents, so this is the unfortunately disastrous outcome. I want the readers to know that my intentions were entirely good and honest upon opening my business here, and how much I value being welcomed into this tremendous and vibrant community of Forest Park. I kept up my end of the lease (and continue to do so), and now I am being forced out due to wrongful actions on my landlord’s part.

Peggy Bernar
Owner, The Spot

Editor’s note: After being given an opportunity by the Review to do so, the landlord, Team Blonde LLC, did not wish to draft a response.