I must thank the Good Samaritan who found my wallet and returned it to my mailbox. The honest angel returned the wallet intact, every penny, every credit card, everything just as it had been. Most people are honest, and you have upheld my faith in the human race. Thank you, again.

Every good thing must come to an end, and so it was for the career of Ann Murray, one of our best teachers. The town celebrated for days; Doc Ryan’s on Wednesday, Molly Malone’s on Thursday and the whole weekend after that. Congratulations on a job well done, Ann.

Happy 20th anniversary on June 3 to Pat Williams and Howard Hansen, who celebrated the event by having dinner at Topolobampo, Rick Bayless’ super dining experience. Frontera is the first room, Topolobampo the ultra room and soon there will be a “fast food” room (a la Bayless).

Congratulations to all our graduates. I wish you the best for the future, uncertain though that might be.

Let’s get to the birthdays and anniversaries right away. On June 11, happy anniversary to Nick and Sue Mangiaracina, and to Kelly and Tim Woods, and happy birthday to Eric Bradley; on the 12th, Gus Calderone and Dave Smentek have a birthday; on the 13th, Bernice Matthews, Mary Moravec, David Jargstorf, Cecilia Webster and Gerry Schermerhorn; June 15, Ted and Annette Rozmus have an anniversary and Karen Dylewski and Clayton Huebner celebrate their birthdays; on June 16, happy birthday to Anthony Calderone, Jr., Lucy Lin and Sadie Bland, and Payton and Maddux Collis have an anniversary; on June 17, happy birthday to Tim Grams.

In 1935 on June 10, the ball point pen made its debut.

On the 11th this year, the Chicago Blues Fest will begin. It’s the largest in the world. June 11 is the birthday of Jeanette Rankin, the first woman elected to Congress. She cast the only vote against going to war against the Japanese.

On June 12, the first perfect baseball game was thrown in 1880 by Lee Richmond Worcester against Cleveland. Anne Frank was born this day in 1929 and the Baseball Hall of Fame started in Cooperstown, NY, 1939.

June 13 is the Feast of St. Anthony. In England, the queen observes her birthday celebration by the Trooping of the Colors in a very impressive ceremony. The world’s first roller coaster opened in 1884 on this day.

June 14 is the birthday of young celebs Ashley and Mary Kate Olson, who were born in 1986. Today is also Flag Day. The US Army was established June 14 in 1775.

On June 15, the signing of the Magna Carta took place in 1215. Only four copies survive to this day.