Forest Park has been home to a most interesting resident for the past 15 years. She is Mirielle Uwase, from Rwanda. Ms. Uwase probably has many gripping stories to tell of her days in Rwanda, but is reticent to speak of them. It’s a beautiful country with many tragic memories. We are happy to have Mirielle here in Forest Park.

Congregation members at St. Bernadine’s said farewell to longtime pastor, Fr. Pat Tucker. Tucker was honored during a June 20 dinner.

A newcomer to town is Lacy Cordero, a young attorney with Mayer Brown. Ms. Cordero and her husband are now living in The Grove. Welcome to Forest Park!

Old timers will remember the Lentini family. I’m sorry to tell you so, but Gene Lentini, husband of the late Jay, has died. Gene is survived by her daughters, Sue Stuart and Jane; her sons, Guy and Victor, and several grandchildren.

Gene and Jay were a handsome couple in the old days. Their front stairs on Desplaines Avenue were a perfect viewing stand for neighbors as the Memorial Day parade marched past their door. That parade had everything … Clydesdale horses, magic carpets, and high school bands from all over the state. The parade lasted about three hours.

The Friends of the Library have a new friend. She is Liz Leavy.

The library book sale held earlier this month suffered some setbacks, mostly because of the weather. There seemed to be more books at the end than there were at the beginning. Maybe the “bag for a buck” bargain should be reinstated. This year’s leftovers were sent to Ghana. There were enough books to sink the ship.

If you enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans that go on in this town, you’ll be delighted with the news of a proposed Midwest Fleadh (pronounced “fesh”) sometime next summer. This was decided recently at a meeting of the Murphy Roche Irish Music Club in – get this – Dublin, Ireland! There will be a meeting at Healy’s on Wednesday night, June 24, and more details will be discussed.

This year’s Midwest Fleadh is being staged in Detroit, and you can learn more at

Mark and Joan Janopoulis have an anniversary June 25, which is also the day Steve Backman, Chuck Brod and Caileigh Pronek have a birthday. On June 26, Adam Kowalski has a birthday and Marie and John Spence celebrate another happy anniversary; on the 27th, Lillian Hough, Patty Marino, Erin Loughrin, Rick Leningner and Norm Leinweber all have birthdays; on the 28th, happy birthday to Sandy Byrnes and Shirley Christell; June 29, Jack Christell, Frank Cassiani and Bud Boy will celebrate their big day; on June 30, June Doulder has a birthday and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mankoudis have an anniversary.

On July 1, Kay Madden, Tim Flight, Virginia Collis, Scott McAdam, Melissa Murgas, Ben Reina and Matt Montes – happy birthday all.